Fuengirola Street Style

A few months ago, I wrote a style post… of sorts. It was inspired by a guy I saw in Sevilla wearing an “interesting” combination of plaids. (Click here for the post, “Forever Plaid”).

Many of the tourists of Fuengirola have their own very distinctive styles, as well. I’m beginning to recognize country of origin (if I generalize) by the styles they sport on the street. In particular, I’ve seen “inspired” outfits on some of the visiting Finns and Brits. Of course, many of the aforementioned are tastefully stylish (well, MY taste). Then there are those who don’t share my sensibilities. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Fuengirola Street Style”

  1. It looks like this person has a mustache. Yes, the jacket is dandy but I frown on wearing pajama bottoms in public and the boots and hat go with an entirely different outfit! But, you should see how I dress most of the time!

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      Thanks for pointing out the "mustache," which was really a big dangling earring. No wonder so many people thought it was a man! I wish I could have gotten a shot from the front. The blouse and scarf really added to the already "lively" ensemble.

  2. Hmm. I really like the jacket and hat, but I don't know that I'd team them with those pants and animal print boots. But good for her. People should wear what they like!

  3. I think 'free spirit' when I see someone dressed like this. I often wish I could just let it go and feel compelled to conform. I admire the ones that do let it go!

    1. Spo:
      That would be another amazing shirt. And imagine aligning the pattern. (Of course, it's all embroidered and not printed. Maybe you could add hand embroidery to your shirts!)

  4. I'm thickethouse, having trouble with getting this printed…

    Really exciting. I'm most interested in the William Morris look of the print the pants are made from. This woman certainly has her own style. What will she be wearing tomorrow, I wonder.

    1. thickethouse:
      I hadn't really thought about the print on those pants (except that it was a bit much for me). Now that you mention it, it does have the look of an elegant old wallpaper.

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