As Slow As Molasses In January

On our friends’ Jesper and Jorunn’s last night in Fuengirola we went for dinner at one of the restaurants on the ground floor of our building. Jesper ordered a plate of berenjenas (eggplant) for us to share. It was served with what we were told was miel (honey) and it was out of this world. The “honey” was not actually honey but “miel de caña” or sugarcane honey. This dish was so good that we went back last night for more.

San Geraldo was thrilled to discover miel de caña because, as he said, “it tastes just like molasses,” and he had been unable to find molasses in local stores to use for baking. Well, I just looked it up, it turns out not only does it taste like molasses, “miel de caña” is molasses.


Since the miel de caña is served in a large syrup dispenser, we had plenty left after all the eggplant was gone. But that didn’t stop San Geraldo. There was, afterall, a basket of bread on the table.

Seeing the expression on my face as he poured the miel de caña over a slice of bread, San Geraldo said, “The bread is just a means of conveyance. But, really, it’s exactly like French toast.” He thought a moment and added, “Except there’s no egg, milk, or maple syrup… And it’s not toast.”

“Yes,” I said, “Except for that.”


A Honey of a Sunset 
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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “As Slow As Molasses In January”

  1. Top picture looks delish – though, just like the pink sunset, alas, for me (because of the molasses) it's to look at but not to touch. So you can have my share, Mitch.

  2. Eggplant (breaded and deep fried?) and molasses. I'm not sure about that, but I'd try it. But there's this little voice in my head: "It ain't fittin'. It ain't fittin'. It just ain't fittin'."

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      The eggplant prepared this way is delicious. Spaniards seem to have a gift for deep-frying without making things taste deep-fried. I really like it!

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