Tapas, Cortados, and Strawberry Slushie

The other day, we returned to a local tapas bar called Bar Pepe. San Geraldo had read about it online, but we hadn’t tried it until our friends Jorunn and Jesper were here to visit last month. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, just a simple little café/bar. But the food is out of this world. The warm welcome and unbelievably good (and cheap) tapas make up for the ordinary facade. We’ve been back twice since our first visit. Every dish I’ve sampled has been my “new favorite.”


Summer is here… almost. I sizzled on the beach after breakfast this morning but, wuss that I am, the water is still too cold for me to swim. So I cooled my feet (and up to my knees now) at the shore. In honor of summer, we’ve switched to iced coffee when we have breakfast at Cafe Manila. That means we get served our usual large cortados (espresso cut with warm milk) with a side of ice. San Geraldo, the chef in our family, then does the “cooking.” He manages to pour the contents of the coffee cup into the coffee glass without spilling a drop. I’m in awe.

Strawberry Slushie
This morning back at Cafe Manila, our cortados (and ice) were served to us by the always-sweet Slushie (click for the introductory post). She had her hair done yesterday. She calls it “strawberry slushie,” but I find it a bit more “red hot chili pepper slushie.” I’m thinking it might look good on my “flavor-saver/soul patch.” (If you’re anything like San Geraldo, you’ll need that phrase defined: It’s the patch of facial hair below the mouth.)


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Tapas, Cortados, and Strawberry Slushie”

  1. ENOUGH!!! And we just ate!!! Looks really delicious! I like the look of that fish cake Mitch.
    OK. Now….what is the temperature of that water? Our water probably never gets near your water's winter temperature. You So-Cal boys are all alike!!lol
    I DARE YOU to brighten up your flavor-saver. lol

    1. Jim:
      I don't know what the fish was called, but it was exceptional. The water temp today is 17.9C (64F). I need it to be at least 25C (77F) to be OK (30C/86F) makes me really happy.

      When I told my brother I was going to dye my flavor-saver strawberry, he said, "What are you, nuts?!?"

  2. OMG, I haven't had supper yet–I have potatoes baking in the oven and your food photos literally made my mouth water. That fish looks absolutely divine. I have never eaten paella but I could wolf that down easily. I don't think I told you that after you posted about eating tasty cocido in a cafe, I googled a recipe and have made it several times since then. It's very good. You are my food maven!

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I love paella and this was especially good. I love the fact that you've perfected the art of cocido and, even more, that I'm your food maven. No one would believe it!

  3. I like your strawberry flavor-saver! A little subtle something draping your chin.

    San Geraldo and you seem to have great luck finding the best places to eat! Thanks for sharing. Also, nice trick from San Geraldo pouring from the cup to the glass – I'd lose about half of it if I tried that.

    1. Jo:
      We have been really lucky here it turns out in terms of finding (and mostly stumbling on) the most neighborly places in town.

      You and I definitely went to the same cooking school.

    1. Stephen:
      In Sevilla, the tapas bars were everywhere. Most restaurants even had tapas menus or "ration" menus and some even had separate seating. We haven't found as many true tapas bars here, so Bar Pepe is refreshing.

  4. Oh I am SO wishing we'd had time to come down to your new place when we were in Spain… of course we would love visiting with y'all again, but… that food!!!! I might have rethought my priorities…

  5. You need to brighten up your soul patch, yes yes you do…or, as they said when I was young: "I double-dog dare ya!"

    Mmmm, paella, I make it occasionally since it's one of the Great Scots favourites and now I'm going to need to try making fish cakes. Mayhap I could start a little place of my own and call it Momma Jacqueline's Tapas Bar and Redneck Hoosier Grill. It would take a bloody big sign…and ear plugs. You know how those redneck Hoosiers yelp when hanging out over the hot coals.

    1. Jacquelineand….
      I don't know what a Hoosier Grill is but if you leave out the word "Redneck," I'm there!

      Oh, these dares and double-dares. I don't know, but I'm thinking about it.

  6. When I lived in Sacramento we had the most wonderful tapas place called Tapa The World.
    Sadly, we have no such places near Smallville.
    I am salivating looking at your photos.

    1. Bob:
      I never got to a tapas place in the States. We went to one (so-called) in Orange County, but although the food was great, there were no tapas. Oh, how I love it here.

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