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Our town of Fuengirola has its origins in the 10th century BC when it was first settled by the Phoenicians (even before the birth of San Geraldo). But proof of prehistoric civilizations can be found in many other areas of Spain, and I have found proof positive (well in my muddled mind) of stone age inhabitants right here in town. Out on my walk one overcast day (not today, which was “brilliant sunshine” according to Accuweather.com… and me),  I found the original home of Fred and Wilma Flintstone.



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  1. I loved watching that show and I remember I and my sisters singing the theme song in the back garden, progressively louder and louder, to the annoyance of the general populace, until either my mother or father would come charging out to tell us to keep the noise down…

    I remember that there was another song that went ' here we come on the run with a burger on a bun'. I must see if that is on Youtube as well.

    Thanks for providing a very pleasant memory!

  2. What a fun comparison. The Altamira Caves are somewhere in Spain, I think, and they are even older than the Flintstones. You live in a remarkable country.

    1. I'd love to see the Altamira Caves. They're 9 hours north of us. But there are many caves right in Andalucía. Nerja (about 1-1/4 hours east of us) has famous caves. I may have to go alone, however. San Geraldo is claustrophobic.

  3. Any sightings of Wilma and Fred? That abode looks very interesting and I bet it is very cool (temperature) in there.

  4. I didn't see the back half of the Brontosaurus. You know, the one who sticks his head in the window to help Wilma with the dishes?
    Day off? Out for service?

  5. I agree with Judith! I wondered if the house had been designed by a photographer. I can see why that location would have attracted early humans to settle there. It would have provided lots of food sources. Do they have a natural history museum there?

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I really thought it was meant to look nautical. But the Instamatic comparison really is perfect.

      Fuengirola has had a history museum, but it's closed. I think for good. Very disappointing. But the castle is built on the site of Phoenician ruins. I'm planning to visit it soon.

  6. What a weird and yet wonderful design. I wonder if it is a remnant of an architecture competition – it makes me think of the one to design beach huts, for an east coast resort, which Jonny took part in.

    I loved the Flintstones – and the Jetsons.

    1. Elaine:
      Oh, I loved the Jetson's too. I wanted a "Rosie." I'll see if I can find out anything about the history of that very odd house. Wonder what it's like inside.

    1. Spo:
      Well, Ostrogoths weren't originally in Spain (they were those "Eastern Goths") but maybe there are some here now. I wonder how I would tell them apart. Did they all dress in black, have pale white skin and black hair?

    1. Sharon:
      I also wonder what the interior looks like. If you were here, I'm sure you could charm your way in. Yeah, the Instamatic analogy is so much better than my Flinstones analogy. But they didn't have as good a song.

  7. Amazing! It really is the Flinstone house! I used to watch that show religiously as a child. Came home from school for lunch and ate while I watched it!

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