Time Flies Like An Arrow…

As Groucho Marx said:

“Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.”

Our friend Miguel stopped by for a visit from Sevilla this week. After Wednesday morning coffee at Cafe Manila, he and I took a walk to the zoo (Bioparc Fuengirola). San Geraldo had to go to school… Spanish class, so we went without him. Unfortunately, it’s been perfect fly weather here on the Costa del Sol — not hot, not cool. The flies annoy me, but they drive San Geraldo almost over the edge. He’s taken to sitting with a dish towel on his head while having his coffee. He gets a lot of odd looks, even from the staff at Cafe Manila who already know how “special” he is. They’ve taken to calling him the Sheikh.


At the zoo, Miguel and I came across a chap, I mean a chimp, who was as annoyed by the flies as San Geraldo. I wish I could have tossed him a dish towel.

All this talk about flies makes me think of fruit flies and that brings me to fruit. Miguel and I were lucky to have timed our walk through the aviary just as the keepers were serving mid-day snacks. I hadn’t been much of a fan before of the fruit bats (flying foxes) but they were actually kind of cute climbing down to grab a chunk of apple. Obviously, fruit bats like an apple.

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21 thoughts on “Time Flies Like An Arrow…”

  1. LOL! Now we have to call San Geraldo 'Sheikh' Geraldo as well. Getting to be quite the LONG title! Great videos Mitch and interesting critters.

    1. Jim:
      He was re-christened yet again today (it's not enough that I have a new nickname for him every day). Richard at Cafe Manila had never seen the towel on his head. He walked out on the terrace this morning, took one look at Sheikh Geraldo and said, "My God! It's Mother Teresa!"

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I knew the kind-hearted Ms. Sparrow would react that way. It was siesta time and those flies were driving him nuts. Other than that, the chimps (for being in a zoo) have a beautiful environment with lots of climbing space, little caves to hide in for privacy, and lots of company. At another time of day, you'd see them having a grand old time (and getting into fights, too).

  2. Oh man! We were having fruit fly issues at our house last week. I hate them with a passion. Regular flies are horrible too. I feel San Geraldo's pain… Glad to catch up on your blog! : ) Hope you guys had a great weekend!

    1. Knatolee:
      Here, they have what look like little tennis rackets. They're battery operated. You swing them in the air and they zap mosquitoes, flies… you name it. A fly mask (or a tail) would be a lot less work.

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