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San Geraldo and I drove to Antequera Friday. It’s a beautiful city with history dating back 5,000 years (3,000 years before the Romans). Today’s blog post was going to include photos and fascinating and educational historical information. But then this morning we went to the fruit market, which was emotionally uplifting and kind of funny. And emotionally uplifting and kind of funny trumps fascinating and educational.

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Although our day in Antequera was also emotionally uplifting, it didn’t make me laugh as did Ana and her daughter Laura (click here to be introduced) and a Finnish shopper.

“Horton Hears a Who” was one of my favorite books when I was a kid (well, it still is). I love just about everything written by Dr. Seuss and while shopping I was reminded of that book. If you’re not familiar with the book, the first photo of the hat and the second image of “Horton” should make the connection obvious (at least the way my brain works). In the story, there was an entire village living on a spec of dust that Horton has saved by placing it on the “very soft [pink] clover” he holds in his trunk. The village was called Whoville and all the inhabitants had the last name of Who (or a name ending in “who”).


While San Geraldo shopped, a Finnish couple arrived. I immediately noticed the funny little hat worn by the woman and I immediately christened her “Kerrtu Finnwho.” As I stared (camera in hand, of course), I looked beyond “Kerrtu” to see Laura and Ana behind the counter — Laura smiling happily and Ana clearly trying to not burst out laughing. They saw me with my camera and immediately struck a pose, Ana still trying (unsuccessfully) to keep a straight face.

When Laura first spotted the hat, she turned to her mother and said something like, “Is that an antenna?” That was enough for Ana who laughs/smiles/hugs at the drop of a hat. Of course I didn’t help any, discreetly snapping away at Kerrtu Finnwho and her charming Who-hat. I really should have talked to her. Anyone who wears a hat like that clearly has a sense of humor … and doesn’t mind attention.

© Dr. Seuss Enterprises

After my month of being under the weather and much less active, I’m still recovering. The inactivity doesn’t help my clinical depression, so I’ve been having a challenging time digging myself out each day. Ana and Family are great therapy for the blues — with or without Kerrtu Finnwho. I’ll have to make a point of paying them a daily visit … just to absorb a bit of “happy.”

 But, hold on to your Who-hats! Tomorrow will be all about Antequera.

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  1. I read on line the estate of Dr, Seuss told the anti-abortionists they can not use the expression "A person's a person no matter how small" in their rallies.

  2. Finally getting caught up reading my favorite blogs… Glad you're feeling better… but with folks like San Geraldo wearing a dishcloth on his head and the very fashionable beanie with the antenna, how could you not laugh a little? Did you look real close…. maybe there was a pink fuzzy center to that antenna?

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