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On my wanderings through Málaga’s old town, I passed a shop window that looked like a Fuengirola fashion scene… on steroids. OK, it was a lot classier than what the tourists usually parade through our streets and, once I stepped inside the shop, I was so tempted to treat myself to a shirt, or three. But I restrained myself, since I’ve already got a closet full of shirts.

The fabrics reminded me of blogger Urspo from Arizona who, just for fun, makes flawless shirts — called Spo Shirts — from unusual fabrics. I even got to wear Spo’s “traveling shirt” on the streets of Sevilla (click here to see that) for charity. Urspo Arizona, meet Mumy Málaga.


En mis paseos por el casco antiguo de Málaga, pasé por un escaparate que parecía una escena de la moda de Fuengirola … con esteroides. Bueno, era mucho más elegante que lo que los turistas usualmente desfilan por nuestras calles y, una vez que entré en la tienda, tuve la tentación de regalarme una camisa, o tres. Pero me contuve, ya que ya tengo un armario lleno de camisas.

Las telas me recordaron al bloguero Urspo de Arizona, que, solo por diversión, hace camisas impecables, llamadas camisas Spo, con telas inusuales. Incluso pude usar la “camisa de viaje” de Spo en las calles de Sevilla (haz clic aquí para ver eso) por caridad. Urspo Arizona, conoce a Mumy Málaga.

I just might have to go back. What do you think? / Tal vez tenga que volver. ¿Qué piensas?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

43 thoughts on “Mumy Style / Moda Mumy”

  1. Cool store! You need a cat shirt. One must have something cat in their closet. I have a dress with a big cat on it.

  2. It all makes sense now doesn’t it. Kinda.
    With me ~ patterns like these make me dizzy super dizzy like man!
    I need calm solids for sure.
    Still would be fun to go in the store though.

    1. Ron,
      I was pretty exclusively solids until the age of around 40. I’ve branched out a bit. The store is a blast.

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      It’s what drew my attention. I wonder what it does for business overall. Would you design a shop that way?

    1. Kirk,
      I don’t know. It was hard to focus but it was probably the only reason I went in in the first place.

    1. David,
      I thinned out my collection recently. Everything is wearable… and only not worn for a while and if it needs to be ironed. And… the other day I ironed 7 shirts I haven’t worn in a year. Still… I plan to go back to Mumy for just one shirt.

  3. Mumy, huh? Well they sure look Lost in Space to me 🙂 Get that shirt with the playing cards on it, (mis)match it with a pair of shorts covered in dice/die with one leg shorter than the other. Throw on some crew socks and sandals, or better yet, crocs! You’ll be stylin’, man! Go on, do it! Take pictures!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      They had some very cool dog shirts, too. Maybe they’ve got a “cats and dogs.”

  4. I want that cat shirt (for obvious reasons) and the one with the playing cards on it. My Rare One and I are going to start Bridge lessons in a couple of weeks.

  5. This shirt shop is appropriating the art of the great Spo, shirtmaker to the stars. I hope you are mounting a protest and denouncing this outrage. LOL!!!!
    Tell us that at least they are not made in China.

    1. larrymuffin,
      Well, they couldn’t be made with the attention Spo gives to his. I don’t know where the fabric comes from or where the shirts are made. But Mumy’s home base is Madrid.

  6. Sorry I am late to the party I was detained in Portugal.
    My soul swoons! This sort of shop is where I would get my shirts until it closed, setting me off on my own endeavors. I am going to pursue this shop on line to find me some fabulous ones must have or perish items.

  7. I just had a whiz about the internet and found a Mumy store (of all places!) in Miami. These shirts are selling for ~ 70$ each. My first thought is oh heck I can make my own for a fraction of the price.
    Tell you what: you find 3 yards of fabulous fabric and I will make you your own shirt so you can walk into the shop and make all there mad-jealous. hohoho

  8. Now I am agitated. No blogger buddy is going to wear an ersatz-Spo-shirt even if it deprives the local economy. No Mumy shirt! You must have a Spo-shirt. Start working on 3 yards of fabric – cat or otherwise.

    1. Urspo:
      I would LOVE a Spo shirt. So, I started looking at fabrics. Unfortunately, every fabric I chose would cost over $50 for 3 yards. Then I’d have to have it delivered to you, you’d have to do all that work at a price not worthy of you I’m sure, and it would then have to be shipped here (not cheap). So, please don’t give it another thought. If I DO end up buying a Mumy shirt (ONLY the equivalent of about $63 here) I will wear it in the knowledge that it doesn’t compare to what I could have had, which means I will think of you every time I wear it. And that should count for something. But thank you!

      1. Tut! I don’t care sixpence about ‘all that work” nor the shipping and handling costs. Please keep your eyes out for a fabulous fabric (may I suggest that fits your budget and have it sent to me and it’s yours. This is an open invite.

      2. Urspo,
        I’ll check out, but I still don’t know… feeling a bit guilty. Do you suppose I should talk to a psychiatrist?

  9. You don’t need to talk to no quack you need to keep an eye out for three yards of fabulous fabric made of guilt-free cotton and send it my way when you find some. After all there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day this works better than most antidepressant Rx.

    1. Deliria Rose:
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. I’ll start following your blog: Maybe I’ll learn something! AND… it will be a great way to improve my Spanish. I meet so many people here who would love to live in the USA. As they say, the grass is always greener. Moving to Spain, for me, was the best decision we ever made. But, had I been from here originally, I’m sure my wanderlust would have made me go somewhere else. Change is healthy!

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