The Sister(and Brother)hood of the Traveling Shirt

Although I am not thrilled to post current photos of myself and do so rarely, I am happy to share a few photos today. It’s not that I mind that I’m not as young as I used to be. I just hate photos of myself. I hated looking at photos of myself at 15 when I was 15, at 30 when I was 30, at 40 when I was 40. Now I don’t mind those. So, maybe when I’m 90, I’ll like looking at photos of myself at 50… OK, 50-plus. OK, OK, 50 and a lot of pluses.
But these photos are for a good cause. The shirt (also know as the Spo Shirt, Shirt of Shirts, and Traveling Shirt) was created by a talented and generous American blogger, Ur-spo, who at the suggestion of another blogger, Cubby, sent this handmade shirt on a world tour in late 2010. Ur-spo is donating money to charity for each person who wears the shirt and shares a photo. A number of charity options were provided; my choice was Doctors Without Borders.


As you may remember, my camera died (well, I killed it) recently, so photos from my phone are the best I can do while I wait for my new camera to arrive. My gratitude goes to Lola for doing such a good job with a limited resource and a difficult model. From the two shots I’ve included, you’d think all I do is wander the sunny streets going from bar to bar. Definitely not the case. Really. The shirt has almost completed its world tour; I think it’s got four-or-so more stops before it is handed over to Cubby, the mastermind of the charity tour. I am number 29 on the list of lucky recipients and I am honored to participate.


The shirt came to me after a stop in Derbyshire in the UK. Next stop is somewhere in Australia, New Zealand, California, or Texas. I await my instructions. And, if Ur-spo ever decides he’s had enough of his work as a psychiatrist, he can take up tailoring for a living. The shirt is beautifully made. 

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

46 thoughts on “The Sister(and Brother)hood of the Traveling Shirt”

  1. The shirt looks great on you… aren't so bad yourself! A natural model I can see.
    What a good idea and cause to support Mitch

    1. Thanks, Jim. Oh yes, in my previous life I was a runway model (or was that a runaway model…) So great to be involved in this. Will have to donate as well in honor of the shirt.

  2. Mitch, you should have no worries posting pictures! What a handsome and fit fella you are, looking younger than your years! I would try some complimentary phrase in Spanish, but I fear I would make some funny/mortifying faux pas. 🙂

    And what a fantastic idea to raise funds for worthy causes. Well done you, and well done all participants.

  3. So very cool, Mitch…colourful, cheery and positive…listen…slim looks just fine to me and my Dads think so too! If I was there beside you…guess what…major slurp!

  4. You look mahvahlous, dahling! Truly, great shots! It's so cool (to me) that we've lived in the same places at the same time (without knowing it until now), and now we've worn the same shirt! If we don't meet in the next few years, something is wrong with this world.

  5. Fab idea Mitch. So it's been in my neck of the woods has it?

    Does it also get a wash between visits or is it going to make its own way home? lol.

    1. Chris: This shirt has been in so many necks of the woods! As for washing, it clearly has been well taken care of along the way. It arrived crisply pressed and smelling fresh as a daisy and will be sent off just the same. (A friend of mine here, when told about the shirt, immediately said, "It's been washed I hope!")

    1. Thanks, Ms Sparrow. The phone camera does a decent job. Not great with detail, which meant I couldn't get a sharp shot of the shirt… but also meant I couldn't get a sharp shot of me (so, there are some benefits)!

  6. Love the photos! You look terrific, and I speak after knowing you for more years than we both would like to admit to!

    1. Carole: Thanks so much for commenting here! Yep, we've known each other for nearly as long as I haven't liked looking at photos of myself… but there is absolutely no connection!

    2. I'm pretty sure I was 16 when I met you while working at Camp Kiwi that first summer. That is 42 years ago, my friend………..

    1. The Owl Wood: Haven't seen a Harley around our neighborhood. Maybe they're too big to fit down the side streets. Anyway, Vespa is more my style… although I have seen a BWM that's got so much protection it's almost a car.

  7. It looks good on you, and you look good too! At least you fit in it, it was a bit tight for me, or maybe I'm too big.

    And what's age, it's just a number!

    1. Oh, Peter, the shirt has stretched since you had it. I'm sure it would now fit you as it fits me!

      And, yes, age is just a number. And I will be very grateful if mine can someday be stated as a very large (healthy) number.

  8. Great photos! How lucky you are to wear it in such a lovely place in beautiful sunshine. The shirt looks great on you – almost as if it was made for you !!

  9. Ur-spo makes shirts on demand, as long as you provide the fabric and the measurements, and have time because there's a waitinglist.

  10. (My attempts to comment on this yesterday failed. Hopefully problem now solved.)

    This is JUAN-derful! And to think that a mere five weeks ago that very same shirt draping your body was hanging over my own shoulders. At least you were able to wear it outside – though I'd guess that the temperature on this day wasn't exactly conducive to alfresco wear. But you certainly make it look as though there's one of the many sorts of festival going on.

    I also hope that Dr Spo manages, as has been hinted, to publish on his blog all the entries in the accompanying journal. I look forward to reading your own wise words, Mitch.

    1. Raybeard:

      Oh, no, now I have to come up with wise words for the journal! I do love the way this shirt has connected us.

      Actually, the days lately here have been conducive to the wearing of "aloha shirts." Lots of sunshine and temps around 70F (21C). Not wanting to damage the precious shirt, however, I carried it with me and donned it only for the photo ops.

  11. A hansom shirt on a hansom model.
    Now, do you wash it before it goes to the next location, or is that part of the deal, that it has a little bit of everywhere in it when it is done?

  12. You look fantastic wearing that shirt! Handsome guy and beautiful shirt… and it is so cool that the shirt made it's way to Sevilla. (I visited there two years ago)

    I was the 14th recipient of the shirt one year ago in a very different setting, the Canadian north woods. I blogged about it here and here.

    It was just such a cool idea,having the shirt travel all over the world! I'm so glad to have been a part of it.

    1. Buddy Bear:
      I had read your journal entry and loved it. Will definitely check out the links and start getting caught up on your blog. It's nice to think of you strolling our streets. I agree with you about how cool the traveling shirt idea has been. Amazing to think of all the places it's seen since March when you were wearing it wilderness hiking! Thanks so much for introducing yourself today!

  13. What a great idea and a neat way to participate in raising money for charity! (And a good choice in a charity too.) My husband would LOVE that shirt!! You look just fine in it!

  14. I am sorry I am late to the party.
    I want to thank you so much for being part of this. What this marvelous shirt is really doing is getting me to know so many people around the world. You were a 'perk' for you saw it/came on board. Now, I have your acquaintance! For this alone, I am grateful for having sent out the shirt.
    Thank you.

  15. Yoouuu look marvelous… and I love your choice of charity! My acupuncturist is part of doctors without borders.

    1. Cubby:
      It's taking a long circuitous route to Australia (via the USA with my sister-in-law). I could have paid for two shirts with what it was going to cost to ship from here! It will be on its way back to Australia in a couple of days.

  16. Shirt Safari Extraordinaire I would say.
    What a great idea!!!!!
    OK now Mr. HunkMan ~ it’s now 7 years since this post and I’d say you got a lil somethin’ somethin’ going on. So don’t cut yourself short. “Self LOVE” if the strength that bides oneself together.

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