In the Neighborhood / En el Barrio: Los Pacos

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THE FUENGIROLA NEIGHBORHOOD CALLED LOS Pacos is about a 10-minute walk from our place here on the beach but, once I get there, it always feels like I’ve left town. It’s north of the road, which you can walk over or under, that leads to the highways. I walked “over” yesterday crossing the roundabout. During “the new normal” I prefer to not walk under because it requires me to pass others on a very narrow path (as I did when I headed home).

Los Pacos has the feeling of a modern village. Sometimes a Finnish village, since this is where a vast majority of the Finnish population live. There are several parks, including a dog park and you have to mostly walk uphill (or downhill) to get around. Sometimes, the climbs are steep and even a bit treacherous, but the views of the sea and surrounding mountains are grand. I only walked about halfway up yesterday, so I have no great vistas to share. I was there late afternoon. The sun was high. The air was hot. And I’m only slightly crazy.

Los Pacos is where I go if I want to take in a bit of the countryside. When you continue north, it becomes very rural with farms and livestock and dirt roads. That’s where I usually head. But yesterday, I wandered the neighborhood, up and down some hills, for more than 2 hours. I came home exhilarated (and physically exhausted).

For me, there’s not much to do in Los Pacos, other than walk. If I lived there, I’m sure I’d be coming back to “civilization” every day. The grass is always greener.


EL BARRIO DE FUENGIROLA LLAMADO Los Pacos está a unos 10 minutos a pie de nuestro lugar aquí en la playa, pero, una vez que llego allí, siempre parece que me he ido de la ciudad. Está al norte de la carretera, por la que puedes caminar por encima o por debajo, que conduce a las autopistas. Ayer caminé “encima”, cruzando la rotonda. Durante “la nueva normalidad” prefiero no caminar por debajo porque me obliga a pasar a otros por un camino muy estrecho (como lo hice cuando me dirigía a casa).

Los Pacos tiene la sensación de un pueblo moderno. A veces, un pueblo finlandés, ya que aquí es donde vive la gran mayoría de la población finlandesa. Hay varios parques, incluido un parque para perros y, en su mayoría, debes caminar cuesta arriba (o cuesta abajo) para moverte. A veces, las subidas son empinadas e incluso un poco traicioneras, pero las vistas al mar y las montañas circundantes son grandiosas. Ayer solo caminé hasta la mitad, así que no tengo grandes vistas para compartir. Estuve allí al final de la tarde. El sol estaba alto. El aire estaba caliente. Y solo estoy un poco loco.

Los Pacos es a donde voy si quiero disfrutar un poco del campo. Cuando continúas hacia el norte, se vuelve muy rural con granjas, ganado, y caminos de tierra. Ahí es donde generalmente me dirijo. Pero ayer, paseé por el barrio, subiendo y bajando algunas colinas, durante más de 2 horas. Llegué a casa entusiasmado (y físicamente exhausto).

Para mí, no hay mucho que hacer en Los Pacos, aparte de caminar. Si viviera allí, estoy seguro de que volvería a la “civilización” todos los días. La hierba es siempre mas verde.

Central plaza at the corner of Avenida Finlandia (Finland Avenue) and Calle Yunquera (Yunquera Street).
Plaza central en la esquina de Avenida Finlandia y Calle Yunquera.
A Twizy. I’d love to fold myself into one of these and go for a ride (I think).
Un Twizy. Me encantaría meterme en uno de estos y dar un paseo (creo).
A new vertical garden for the overpass. I love the look, but I’ll be curious to see how easy it is to maintain. We’ve had other elegant garden experiments around town. None have stood the test of time.
Un nuevo jardín vertical para el paso elevado. Me encanta el aspecto, pero tendré curiosidad por ver lo fácil que es mantenerlo. Hemos tenido otros experimentos de jardines elegantes en la ciudad. Ninguno ha resistido la prueba del tiempo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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25 thoughts on “In the Neighborhood / En el Barrio: Los Pacos”

  1. Sometimes we just need a change of view, though your beach view is hard to beat. Nice central plaza (Plaza Mayor?) Time for my walk, I think I will head down along the river this morning for something different

    1. David:
      I don’t know what that plaza is even called and I couldn’t find a reference to it. Plaza Mayor is not the standard name for all central plazas, although a number of cities (like Madrid) do have one. I love my walks on the beach and our views, but it can get old… well, not REALLY old… but less interesting to share every day.

  2. LOVE that vertical garden!
    Los Pacos looks to be a quiet residential/business suburb…..very picturesque.
    I can imagine the views from the top.

    1. Jim:
      I, too, love that vertical garden. I hope they prove me wrong and maintain it well. I’ll walk to the top when it’s not so hot and will get good view shots.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Will be sure to wander and share more. Lots of fun architecture and gardens around town. Don’t miss today’s Crocs!

  3. some of the pix remind me of san francisco streets.
    the lime green house next to the white house – OY! what a contrast!
    over here, the “twizy” is called a “smartcar”.
    lovely town, but I’d rather have your beach view any day!

    1. anne marie:
      White Villages are the traditional thing here and I think a lot of people were aiming for that. So that green house must really drive people crazy. The Twizy and the Smart Car are different. Twizy is owned by Renault and Smart Car is owned by Daimler (Mercedes-Benz). The Twizy is much more quirky looking… and maybe even smaller. I think they’re both great. To me, Smart Car looks like a normal car whose back half was cut off. Twizy looks like wind-up toy.

  4. That area definitely has a different feel to it than other places you have shown us. Lots of different personalities in your neighborhoods. I do hope the vertical garden is successful – it is very attractive.

    1. Wilma:
      I hold out no hope for the vertical garden. They did plantings on the walkway side of a runoff overpass not far from us. The minute I saw it I thought it was beautiful and would be a lot of work to maintain AND regularly vandalized. Sure enough, the flowers are picked and the plants aren’t well dead-headed and maintained — simply watered automatically. Less than a year and it already looks forlorn. What a waste. Still, the city is well taken care of.

    1. Deedles:
      It’s surprisingly serene on those residential streets. Next time, I’ll take pictures of the views.

    1. Cheapchick:
      I should have shared more tiled walls. That’s THE look here. Will share more examples soon.

    1. Bob:
      I do actually like that green house. A nice change. Couldn’t do it myself, however.

  5. Hurray for an ambitious walk! I LOVE that green house. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to paint my own house that color but I think it looks great. And yes, the problem with garden walls and bridges is that they need a lot of water and care. We have a couple of garden walls near us that are completely dead.

    I’m surprised you didn’t title this post with the Finnish word for “the-roundabout-under-which-a-narrow-path-passes-leading-to-Finland-town.”

    1. Steve:
      I had the same thought about that green house. Fuengirola, sadly, has some good ideas for public gardens. The hibiscus hedges work fine. The tamarind trees do not. Also, a few years ago, they planted these wonderful gardens on the beach by the new outdoor showers. They only looked good the first year and now are mostly dead (or trimmed like lollipops).

  6. I always love the pictures you take on your walks. They are so clear and give me a flavor of where you live. I too walk every day, I try and pick a different place each morning so it doesn’t become routine. Unfortunately, I don’t have the sea as a background!

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      There are so many neighborhoods to wander here. They don’t all look SO different, but there’s always something interesting. I’ll share more. Thanks so much for joining me on the walks.

  7. Gardens looks wonderful. Hope the City keeps them up.
    Don’t care for the higning down one but quiet the NY “The High Line”
    cheers, and it’s me !

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