Behind The Curtain

In case you’ve forgotten (I haven’t), Dudo and Moose (but especially Dudo) believe that “bathroom time” is play time. (Click here for that story.) Finally tiring of the standard household game in which I swing, twirl, and drag the string and the cats attack it, the always inventive Dudo now prefers to place a toy on one side of the shower curtain and then attack from the other side. So far, the shower curtain is still in one piece.

The game is much better, of course, if I participate. Sometimes Dudo will drop a toy at my feet, walk into the shower… and then wait. If I don’t notice the toy and I therefore don’t tease him with it soon enough, he walks out of the shower, around the curtain, mews at me once… and taps me on the leg. He then goes back behind the curtain.

Today, when I got home from morning coffee (San Geraldo had gone on to his Spanish class), I decided to clean that small bathroom, which normally takes no time at all. Dudo watched me intently as I collected the cleaning supplies. When I headed for the bathroom, he streaked ahead of me. I then saw he had a different plan.


Dudo is possibly more adorable than the man behind the curtain in the below video (but he’s certainly no less bossy).

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