I Love The Flower Girl

The terrace is, as usual, in bloom. San Geraldo’s cyclonic winds visit only rarely and, when they do, even San Geraldo says they’re not really cyclonic. The jasmine vines have taken off and the fragrance at night is enchanting.


Last night, the street jugglers came by while we dined at Sandpiper. I took pictures and then a video of their new act. While I recorded, wondrous images began to pass across my line of vision. Half-naked men. Very healthy half-naked men. Brazilian dancers, to be precise. The jugglers had beaten them to the spot in front of Sandpiper, so the dancers headed further down the paseo to perform. They each walked right in front of my camera as they continued on. The footage was very “pleasant” and was going to make an interesting blog post.

However, when I got home and tried to import my camera’s contents, my computer crashed and I lost the video. And only the video!

This is not a fish story (or even a beef story). It’s all true. So, I’ve got to head back out every night until I catch the half-naked Brazilian dancers again. I plan to record their entire act. Just think what you have to look forward to! (Because, of course, I’m only doing it for you.)

Unlike “The Flower Girl,” (aka “The Rain, The Park & Other Things,” 1967), who had the Cowsills for musical accompaniment, the half-naked Brazilian dancers make their own music.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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