Los Boliches Buskers

Before living here on the Costa del Sol, I had never heard the term “busker” to describe a street performer. When I started to hear it around town, it was always used by the British expats, so I assumed it was a British term. Well, apparently, I’ve been living in ignorance. It’s a common term for all the performers I’ve shared with you over the past three years. The jugglers, magicians, singing groups, dancers…

Interestingly, the word itself probably originates from the Spanish “buscar,” which can mean to seek or look for (as in looking for attention, fame, and… tips). I give an awful lot of my lunch money to buskers.

We first noticed these two guys outside Meson Salvador in early June. They seemed a bit shy. The guitar player began to strum — and he was good — but no one gave much notice. But when the other guy opened his mouth, everyone stopped. A truly beautiful voice, which only got stronger and more confident as he performed.


Unfortunately, no one here stops talking for long no matter how good the entertainment. I’ve recorded the guys three times since that first night. In two of the videos, you can actually hear them above the din of conversation and traffic. But these still don’t do them justice. The two videos were recorded while we enjoyed another night out on the terrace at Sandpiper Restaurant.

Although only a few people passed in front while I recorded, I thought I was too far away for good sound quality during the first video.

A few minutes later, I moved closer thinking I’d get more music and less talking. Suddenly people began passing in front of me as they poured into the ice cream parlor next door. It’s always something.

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