There Is Nothing You Can Take

As I mentioned at the end of July, I started a new 3-day-per-week workout. It’s called “You Are Your Own Gym.” (Click here if you missed out.) Then my mood crashed and I didn’t stick with it. But, now that I’ve been on my increased anti-depressant meds dosage for a couple of weeks (and I’m now feeling the effects), I decided to restart the program.

Monday was great. What a workout, followed later in the day by a great walk. Dudo finds my new workout fascinating — especially my exercise mat.


Tuesday (a day of rest), I just did some general exercise because I felt like it.

Wednesday, my stomach was a bit off (well more than a bit, and it began Tuesday afternoon). So, after running some errands, I didn’t do much of anything.

Wednesday evening, I worried that maybe the increased dosage of my medication was causing the stomach problems.

Either that or it could be the 1/2-kilo (more than a pound) of gum drops I ate Tuesday.

Or maybe it was my after-lunch dessert Wednesday — galletas rellena de naranja con chocolate (egg sponge biscuits with orange fruit filling and chocolate).


Nah, it couldn’t be that. I only had half the box. See how many cookies I didn’t eat?

Maybe it’s San Geraldo’s fault…

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