Can’t Touch This

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might remember that I can be a danger to myself, even while sleeping. I tend to move a lot while sleeping, as I do in my waking life. And I mean a lot.

I sleep with four pillows, which invariably end up on the floor on either side of the bed a few times a night. I sometimes wake up during the night with my head hanging off one side of the bed and my feet the other. It’s one of several reasons San Geraldo and I have separate beds.

Many years pre–San Geraldo, I actually pushed a “sleeping companion” out of bed. I swear I was asleep when I did it. She never came back to try again.

In Sevilla, I fell out of bed and ended up scraped and bruised (click here for that).

This week, I discovered a new danger.

I keep my nails trimmed neatly and fairly short. No claws here. Monday night, I was having some kind of bizarre dream that I thankfully can’t remember. In the dream, for some odd reason, I ran my nails up my forehead. I woke up with a yell and realized I wasn’t just dreaming. I was bleeding. I had scraped two furrows into my head. When I went to clean things up and inspect the damage, I noticed that I had clearly run my thumb nail along my temple at the same time.


It didn’t look too bad in the light of day Tuesday morning, although Elena did immediately gasp when we met for coffee. It actually looked a bit worse Wednesday but only because it was quickly healing and had begun to scab over. Now if I could only remember to not touch my forehead! (And to keep my head out of the direct spray of the shower.)

At 5:00 Thursday morning, I woke with a yell. I had done it again.


This time, I re-opened (and expanded) the larger of the two scrapes in front and I added another one parallel to it. The new wound isn’t too visible because it hasn’t scabbed over yet.

My nails are now filed to stubs (that can still scratch, unfortunately). I was thinking of wearing a stocking cap to bed. But then I came up with an even better idea. Baby mittens!


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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