Oops!… I Did It Again

You might remember I have a serious allergy to bee stings. You might also remember that I can be a little careless (accident prone). (Click here for my nightmare, here for when I fell out of bed, and here for a more recent run-in.)

I haven’t learned much over the years. Last week, we visited a stunning city park in Benalmádena. The cactus gardens are out of this world. As I bent to take a picture of a prickly pear (chumbera) flower, San Geraldo said, “Watch out for the bee.” I saw it leave the flower, so I assured him I was safe. I got my picture and then quickly turned to another flower.

As I clicked the shutter, a bee (or THE bee) shot off that flower and slapped me in the head before flying off. No sting.

(Click the images, but don’t fall off your chair; they get bigger.)

I woke up this morning with a bit of a weather-related headache. After days and days of heat, clear skies, and glorious sunshine, a cloud cover had rolled in overnight. The headache was minor. No big deal. Until I got a cereal bowl from the shelf and closed the cupboard door.

With authority.

And without first moving my head out of the way of the door.


“That is just so typically me…”

This morning’s episode reminded me of a line from Monty Python’s Gumby Theatre: “I’ve got my head stuck in the cupboard!” Lucky for you (and especially San Geraldo who is not a Monty Python fan), I couldn’t find a video clip.

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