The Stories They Could Tell / Las Historias Que Podrían Contar

I DON’T HAVE another embarrassing story to tell today about San Geraldo. (Well, I do, but I’ve decided to give him the day off.) Here’s a photo from the 1920s of my paternal grandmother (center) with a group of friends. I have no idea.

NO TENGO OTRA historia vergonzosa que contar hoy sobre San Geraldo. (Bueno, sí, sí, pero he decidido darle el día libre). Aquí hay una foto de la década de 1920 de mi abuela paterna (centro) con un grupo de amigas. No tengo ni idea.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “The Stories They Could Tell / Las Historias Que Podrían Contar”

  1. What would they think of IPads and smart phones? Modern kitchens, fast food? Starbucks? You know Starbucks has become a part of American culture, they are now on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

  2. SO serious looking. Only one of nine has a hint of a smile on her face.
    Maybe they are zombies?!

    1. Jim:
      I know you had to stay very still for photos back then, but this is still a strange photo. I wonder if there was any meaning to the fact that my grandmother was the center of everything.

  3. The two on the bottom kneeling without holding anyone’s hands are probably wondering how to get out of this cult!

      1. Debra:
        I did immediately think of Isadora Duncan, but there was something more comical lingering in my brain. And THAT was the Music Man.

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