Go Ahead Back Up / Adelante Hacia Atrás

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

We planned to take our Toyota Prius in for its first major maintenance when it reached 15,000 km (9,320 miles), but that day seemed like it would never arrive. So, after 2-1/2 years and only 11,000 km (6,800 miles) we brought it in. All is, of course, well.

And so I suppose it’s time for me to get back to my Spanish driver’s license. My California license expired a few years ago, but as a legal resident of Spain, that license wouldn’t be valid here anyway. I was about to take the written test nearly a year ago when my retina decided to detach. I then couldn’t have passed the vision test. As a result of the surgery, I developed cataracts in that eye and, for more than 6 months, I couldn’t pass the vision test. And then it was summer and too busy around town for driving practice and exams.

So, the plan is, perhaps tomorrow, to reenroll in the technical program at the driving school and then take the written exam in another month, before summer.

I’ll probably wait for September to enroll in a driving school in Marbella where I can practice and then take the road test. After most of the tourists have gone home.

If you read practice question #29 at the top of this blog post, you’ll understand why this all seems so difficult.


PLANEAMOS LLEVAR A nuestro Toyota Prius para su primer mantenimiento importante cuando alcanzó los 15,000 km (9,320 millas), pero ese día parecía que nunca llegaría. Entonces, después de 2-1/2 años y solo 11,000 km (6,800 millas) lo trajimos. Todo está, por supuesto, bien.

Y, entonces, supongo que es hora de que vuelva a mi carnet de España. Mi carnet de California expiró hace unos años, pero como residente legal de España, ese carnet no sería válida aquí de todos modos. Estaba a punto de tomar el examen técnico hace casi un año cuando mi retina decidió desprenderse. Entonces no podría haber pasado la prueba de visión. Como resultado de la cirugía, desarrollé cataratas en ese ojo y, durante más de 6 meses, no pude pasar la prueba de visión. Y luego era verano y estaba demasiado ocupado en la ciudad para la práctica de conducción y los exámenes.

Por lo tanto, el plan es, quizás mañana, volver a inscribirme en el programa técnico de la autoescuela y luego tomar el examen escrito en otro mes, antes del verano.

Probablemente esperaré a septiembre para inscribirme en una escuela de manejo en Marbella donde pueda practicar y luego tomar el examen práctico. Después de que la mayoría de los turistas se han ido a casa.

Si lees la pregunta de práctica # 29 en la parte superior de esta publicación del blog, entenderás por qué todo esto parece tan difícil.


Another of The Kid Brother’s favorite Abbott and Costello routines. We perform it together whenever we’re in the car.
Otra de las rutinas favoritas de Abbott y Costello de El Hermanito. Lo hacemos juntos cuando estamos en el coche.

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28 thoughts on “Go Ahead Back Up / Adelante Hacia Atrás”

  1. The least worn answer of the options. Changing the “and” to an “or” would make it better. Reminds me of bar exam questions.

    1. David:
      The English translations of the driving manual and the exams are awful. Some, like this, are still obvious, but others leave us scratching our heads. Although it’s still easier for me to do this in English, I sometimes check the questions in the Spanish version for help.

    1. Debra:
      Thanks! Jerry already did this a few years ago. He’s much braver than I!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      It’s a trick translation. At least you can see what they MEANT to say there. Some of the questions are not so obvious. Jerry wrote snarky comments all over his manual and practice tests.

  2. Well, that’s scary. I have to go to the DMV today to renew my license in person. I have to take the vision test, but not the written one. Thank goodness for that. The questions really should be worded better. I hope I pass the vision test, though. I’ve had two cataract surgeries. One eye sees distance for driving, the other sees close up for reading. Together? Oy! I have to close one eye to see the frickin’ chart! I shoulda went for distance with both eyes for driving and just wore glasses for reading. Anyway, good luck with your license endeavors.

    1. Deedles:
      Since the cataract surgery in my left eye, I apparently now have 20/20 vision “if I try hard” as the ophthalmologist said. I’d better get this done before the cataract in my right eye gets too much worse! How did your visit go at the DMV?

      1. All things considered, it went well. I must’ve had my deer in the headlights look because other customers kept trying to help me. Maybe it was the walker. I do think the DMV gives 50 people the same appointment! I got there at the time that the employees were ready for a pitcher of margaritas apiece! Anyway, I got my license renewed (it only took two hours with an appointment) and didn’t have to take the vision exam. They kind of let you slide during margarita time.

      2. Deedles:
        Good to know vision is no longer a requirement! So glad you’ve been renewed!

  3. Yowsers I would be sweating buckets but who cares about me you are the one who needs to pass!
    Good Luck!

    1. Ron:
      I was all set for this last year. Motivated. Confident. Now I have to find that all over again! Jerry took care of this a few years ago. My hero!

    1. Jim:
      Thanks. I was seriously ready for the written test last year. Perfect scores of every single practice test. I need to refresh and I’ll get there again. Once I pass the written test I have 2 years to take the road test.

      1. Susan:
        I had to think about this for a moment. Then I snorted. You are so clever. I’d use this line if I could, but I can still get into my OWN pants.

    1. Bob:
      Yep. But if I have the option of turning left or going straight I always turn left!

  4. You’re telling me they won’t let me drive from the USA to Spain? Who decided that? The Atlantic Ocean?

    1. Adam:
      Oh, I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. Of course you can drive FROM the USA to Spain. Maybe head to Atlanta and then keep going east. I’m sure there’s a bridge. The problem is if you decide to stay, you’ll need a Spanish license. See? Problem solved.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Yes, the translations of the manual and tests are absolutely awful. This is one of the more obvious ones. We can’t even make any sense at all of some of the other translations (I be sure to share some more). I sometimes refer to the Spanish manual to see what they meant to say.

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