Lockdown Day 6: Street Fashion / Encierro Día 6: Moda Callejera

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

THE WEATHER HAS not been cooperating. So, sorry, still no Speedo butt shots from our terrace. OK, there may NEVER be Speedo butt shots from our terrace. But one can hope? Correct? Or maybe one can hope not?

Maybe I should save that for our last day of captivity. Whenever that may be. It’s pretty clear to us we’ll be in lockdown of some sort for more than the initially suggested 15 days. But we’ll do what we have to do. The City and businesses are doing a phenomenal job.

We both went to the supermarket, El Corte Inglés Supercor, separately (per the rules) Wednesday. The staff were phenomenal. I thanked each one I came in contact with for being there for us. We should applaud all the workers who continue to serve the public during this time. What would we do without them?

We discovered Wednesday we can hear the nightly applause and cheering (see post “Lockdown: Day 5”) better from our back hall than from our terrace. But, Thursday, the surf kicked up again and even back there it overwhelmed the cheering. So, here’s a video of last night’s 8:00 event provided by our friends Tynan and Elena. They live just far enough away to not hear the surf. And they even have the police playing the Spanish National Anthem in their neighborhood. Good people showing their gratitude.

Admittedly, this lockdown is not without its challenges for me. Something I especially miss is my opportunity to see the latest street fashion. I hate to fall behind on what’s hot and what’s not. I sincerely appreciate that this is my biggest complaint (well, this and not being able to go to Mesón Salvador). I wish everyone had it this easy.

But, back to street fashion! I have one example I caught two weeks ago. This subtle ensemble will have to do for us all for quite some time. I’m not much a fan of cap, pants, socks, sandals, and the legs being so monochromatically coordinated. What do you think? Hot or not?


EL CLIMA NO ha estado cooperando. Entonces, lo siento, todavía no hay fotos desde nuestra terraza de mi culo en un Speedo. OK, NUNCA puede haber fotos desde nuestra terraza de mi culo en un Speedo. Pero uno puede esperar? ¿Correcto? O tal vez uno puede esperar que no?

Tal vez debería guardar eso para nuestro último día de cautiverio. Siempre que sea posible. Está bastante claro para nosotros que estaremos en algún tipo de encierro durante más de los 15 días inicialmente sugeridos. Pero haremos lo que tenemos que hacer. La ciudad y las empresas están haciendo un trabajo fenomenal.

Ambos fuimos al supermercado, El Corte Inglés Supercor, por separado (según las reglas) el miércoles. El personal fue fenomenal. Agradecí a cada uno con quien entré en contacto por estar allí para nosotros. Deberíamos aplaudir a todos los trabajadores que continúan sirviendo al público durante este tiempo. Que hariamos sin ellos?

Descubrimos el miércoles que podemos escuchar los aplausos nocturnos (ver mi blog “Encierre: Día 5”) mejor desde nuestra sala trasera que desde nuestra terraza. Pero, el jueves, las olas volvieron a levantarse e incluso allí atrás abrumaron los vítores. Entonces, aquí hay un video del evento de las 8:00 de anoche provisto por nuestros amigos Tynan y Elena. Viven lo suficientemente lejos como para no escuchar las olas. E incluso tienen a la policía tocando el himno nacional español en su barrio. Buena gente mostrando su gratitud.

Es cierto que este bloqueo no está exento de desafíos para mí. Algo que extraño especialmente es mi oportunidad de ver la última moda callejera. Odio retrasarme en lo que está de moda y lo que no. Agradezco sinceramente que esta sea mi mayor queja (bueno, esto y no poder ir a Mesón Salvador). Desearía que todos lo tuvieran así de fácil.

Pero, de vuelta a la moda callejera! Tengo un ejemplo que capté hace dos semanas. Este conjunto sutil tendrá que hacer por todos nosotros durante bastante tiempo. No soy muy fanático de que la gorra, los pantalones, los calcetines, las sandalias, y las piernas estén tan monocromáticamente coordinados. ¿Qué piensas? ¿Caliente o no?

After a recycling run. Note, however, that the scarf matches the beard.
Después de tirar el reciclaje. Tenga en cuenta que la bufanda coincide con la barba.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 6: Street Fashion / Encierro Día 6: Moda Callejera”

  1. You are looking mighty fine in your grey ensemble. What is it about some peeps inability to throw a good ensemble together?! Yes this global situation will be going on for much much longer than anyone anticipated. Stay safe and SMILE!

  2. The ensemble, not hot. Nice coordination of your colors. Stay safe, if you need social contact, google hangouts video, or Facetime, you have my email address.

  3. As South Carolina’s Ground Zero for the virus, they’re preparing to lock us down, too. And since I don’t much like people,I’m kinda good with it. My only question is,will Carlos enjoy wherever they lock him down, because I’d prefer the house to myself.

    1. Bob:
      Oh, Carlos puts up with so much already, I’m sure he won’t mind at all where he ends up.

  4. Not.
    Since our niece is getting our groceries, we do not have to worry about going there ourselves.
    Makes sense to go solo during this crisis. We can’t be too careful.
    Our local supermarkets are designating time for only seniors and disabled to be in the store…..between 7 AM and 8 AM. This is good if we have to get out ourselves in the future.
    Stay positive and keep searching for these fashion faux pas…….you just never know where they will pop up/out!!
    Stay safe.

    1. Jim:
      Our shops are also designating “seniors” time. Very nice. I really want to be out, but I do get anxious when I go.

  5. We wonder when this will be over, and when it is will our lives be changed forever? We are not on complete lockdown here (New Mexico) but pretty close to it. I am glad I have a garden to attend to to keep me busy. Alas, no Speedos here for a distraction. Stay well.

    1. Frank:
      We also how long this will last. Spain is ahead of the US in their process, but we’re not done until everywhere is done. So, put on a pair of Speedos to work in your garden.

      1. Mistress Maddie:
        Thanks for asking about The Kid Brother. Will write about him after our next conversation. He’s doing fine and I try not to get caught up in where he goes and what he does. He knows about the hand-washing and being careful. But as of Tuesday he was still working and still bowling. That surprised me. I’d like to phone him more often but that would just set off alarm bells for him. So, I’ll wait until Tuesday again and will find out how things have changed.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Not seeing any “fashion” right now. But then the weather has been dreary. With sunshine come plaids and plaids, with plaids. Even in lockdown.

  6. I was wondering about the Kid Brother too. I hope he’s doing okay in New York there.

    1. Debra:
      He was in great spirits when we talked on Tuesday. Still doing his normal routine. I’ll find out more next Tuesday and will write a post on Wednesday. Thanks so much for thinking about him.

  7. Well, all of California is on lockdown or shelter in place now. My street looks like the first episode of The Twilight Zone. You are looking quite spiffy there, Scoot. If you get bored, change it up a bit. Mismatch your clothes, or exchange pieces with SG. After the thrill of that wears off, do it to the cats 🙂

      1. David:
        No worries. Not a chance these boys would ever let us dress them up.

    1. Deedles:
      Exchange pieces with SG… Now THAT would be interesting. My L to his XXL. The pants would be the best part!

  8. I wouldn’t say hot. And I wouldn’t say cool! In fact, I wouldn’t call it fashion.

    Love the applause video! You’re right — we’ve got to appreciate all the people who are out there working through this crisis.

    1. Steve:
      That’s an especially British look around town. I take it they’re not allowed to wear that when they’re home.

    1. anne marie:
      I’m even shaving every other day so I don’t end up looking like I live alone in the woods.

  9. It’s almost lockdown here. My husband just had a virtual cocktail party with one of the companies that we deal with as all are working from home. I am stress cleaning today, damn, my house is getting pretty clean. Too bad we’ll just dirty it up. Glad to see you still smiling 🙂

    1. Cheapchick:
      Yeah, although our housekeeper isn’t coming during the lockdown, I figured the house would be immaculate with me being home all the time. Well… I did clean the bathrooms yesterday!

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