Lockdown Day 5: Getting Naked / Encierro Día 5: Desnudarse

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I RECEIVED EMAIL yesterday (two messages, actually) from someone who calls herself Emma. She wants to get naked with me. Apparently, she doesn’t know I’m in lockdown. Apparently, she doesn’t know much. Sorry, Emma. Even if it hadn’t been such bad timing, you’d still be blocked.

Speaking of getting naked: Today’s photos are from my father’s 35mm slides. The first photo wouldn’t get me into any trouble. I’ve included the second photo because I wanted you to see the 1950s-vintage wallpaper in our East New York (Brooklyn) bathroom. The photo is censored to avoid any controversy (and overexposure). It was NOT censored when I was 10 years old and my father, while reviewing his slide collection not long after we moved back to Brooklyn from Long Island, projected it on the living room wall for our family and two of my new and also 10-year-old friends. When I appeared in all my glory, my friends burst out laughing until My Mother the Dowager Duchess stunned them into silence by saying, “Oh, I remember when that photo was taken. Our neighbor Nettie had stopped by. She took one look and said, ‘Oy! He does his father such an honor!’” I wanted to die. Now I’d like to thank The Duchess for giving my juvenile reputation a boost.


AYER RECIBÍ UN correo electrónico (dos mensajes, en realidad) de alguien que se hace llamar Emma. Ella quiere desnudarse conmigo. Aparentemente, ella no sabe que estoy encerrado. Aparentemente, ella no sabe mucho. Lo siento, Emma. Incluso si no hubiera sido un mal momento, aún estarías bloqueado.

Hablando de desnudarme: Las fotos de hoy son de las diapositivas de 35 mm de mi padre. La primera foto no me metería en problemas. Incluí la segunda foto porque quería que vieras el papel tapiz vintage de los años 50 en nuestro baño del East New York (un barrio de Brooklyn). La foto está censurada para evitar cualquier controversia (y sobreexposición). NO fue censurada cuando tenía 10 años y mi padre, mientras revisaba su colección de diapositivas poco después de que nos mudáramos a Brooklyn desde Long Island, la proyecté en la pared de la sala para nuestra familia y dos de mis nuevos amigos, también de 10 años. Cuando aparecí en todo mi esplendor, mis amigos se echaron a reír hasta que Mi Madre La Duquesa Viuda, los aturdió en silencio al decir: “Oh, recuerdo cuándo se tomó esa foto. Nuestro vecino Nettie se había detenido. Ella echó un vistazo y dijo: “¡Oy! ¡Le hace un honor a su padre!’” Quería morir. Ahora me gustaría agradecer a La Duquesa por impulsar mi reputación juvenil.

Wednesday night at 8:30. Not a soul in sight. I could have taken out the trash naked!
Miércoles a las 8:30 de la noche. Ni un alma a la vista. ¡Podría haber estado desnudo para sacar la basura!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

34 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 5: Getting Naked / Encierro Día 5: Desnudarse”

  1. Title got my attention! lol
    We are not in lockdown here but things are really slowing down as far as traffic and stores/services closing. Your photo tells it all.

    1. Jim:
      I have a feeling I’ll be getting more and more juvenile (titles and subject matter) as lockdown persists.

    1. Debra:
      I don’t know, I actually kind of like that wallpaper … NOW. I wonder if it came with the apartment or if my parents put it up. By the time of that photo, they had lived there 5 years, which could explain the fact that it was coming off the wall (so common with bathroom wallpaper). Anyway, they did a lot of decorating in 1950, but they never ever put up wallpaper in my life. Biology question… Oh, never mind. Enough about honoring my father.

      1. Raybeard:
        My Mother didn’t have much of a filter. That slide was never mentioned by my friends (to me at least), so for once her lack of filter worked to my benefit.

    1. anne marie:
      You and Debra don’t like the wallpaper. I’m stunned. And, yeah, I used to be adorable.

  2. You were born with a Little Censor patch???

    And, of course, I kinda like the wall paper, kitschy as it is today!

    1. Bob:
      I, too, now love that kitschy wall paper. I tried to have the patch surgically removed, but it was considered too dangerous. So, yep, I’ve still got it.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      After 38 years…? I think it’s only because I time my photos well.

    1. Jennifer:
      We moved from Brooklyn before my 2nd birthday, so I didn’t remember Nettie. But when my parents bought the co-op and moved back to Brooklyn, Nettie had bought an apartment across the street. The first time I saw her I wanted to hide… and I’m sure I caught her glancing at my crotch.

  3. I remembering staring at my wallpaper until it began jumping out at me. It was weird for sure. I have no pics in the bathtub but my one and only memory of my father was in the bath tub with my bro. Three Men in a Tub, hey that sounds familiar.

    1. Ron:
      What a memory! My parents never ever put up wallpaper. I wonder if that was already in that apartment or if the bathroom walls in the very old 2-family house were in such bad shape that that was their easiest solution.

      1. Mom was a wallpaper Queen and she worked in a business that offered her 50% discount on all the merchandise from toasters to wallpaper. I also remember buying my 1st guitar age 16 and strumming. Oh those were the days having a single parent and her absolutely joy and making us happy.

      2. Ron:
        For the first time in our lives, we DID use wallpaper in our house in Connecticut. I can’t remember why, but we liked it. We chose textures as opposed to patterns. There was a great paint/wallpaper shop in Guilford that made it fun and we got to know the wallpaper department manager really well. If I had a 50 percent discount I would be dangerous! Your mother sounds like a joy.

  4. Oh boy, how embarrassing for you. Parents, do it to you every time. They haven’t said we are on total lockdown but almost everything is now shut. Yesterday my hairdresser closed, most hardware stores. We did a final run to home depot yesterday for some things we need to finish painting and our patio furniture is being delivered Friday so we can start putting the back yard together. The government announced a multi billion dollar plan so I am not so worried about my Stepdaughter who lost her job due to all restaurants closing except for takeout or delivery. Trying to stay in good mental health, not easy. Took a long walk with Buddy yesterday and looked at the ducks, it helped. I wish you could do some walking, it must be driving you crazy.

    1. Cheapchick:
      My cousin’s son said it perfectly when he told me my mother’s generation (and his mother) have no filters. He regularly comments to his mother: “Mom, you just said that out loud.” I loved your photos of the “duck walk.” Yeah, I really need my daily walks — for physical and mental health. I’m working out at home every afternoon, but wish I could include that walk! But, as I’ve said, SG and I are so fortunate and, although we may suffer a little cabin fever at some moments, we have absolutely no right to complain.

  5. You were the cutest ‘little’ thing, Scoot! As you season, your face is looking more like your baby face. Such gorgeous eyes! As for embarrassing nekkid baby pictures, I have one of my oldest son. He was about a year old, just bathed, in a hoodie towel, laying on his back with his finger in his mouth, legs spread wide open. At the time it was cute. Now I cringe when I look at it and I know he hates the thing. That’s probably why I cringe 🙂 He was adorable, though and parents can’t seem to help themselves in the face of all that cuteness.
    I ‘m going a little stir crazy only because I know I can’t go out. Not that I went out a lot before. It’s like going on a diet. The cookies call more loudly, even the yucky ones!

    1. Deedles:
      I WAS cute, wasn’t I?!? Also, funny you should say that about my looking more like my baby face. I’ve noticed that, too. I think I’m more recognizable at this age than I was when I was 20. I wouldn’t be surprised if my father (and mother…) wanted to show off their son’s endowment. And that, my dear, is another story! SG baked brownies!!!

  6. What a tease you are, Mitchell! I kind of like the mermaid on the seahorse, but not as wallpaper. The design would be nice on a platter or banner. Hope you can get the applause tonight from the back balcony.

    1. Wilma:
      I agree about that pattern working well on dinnerware. What fun. Surf is still roaring, so I doubt tonight will be any better here.

  7. I LOVE that wallpaper! Not hideous at all! I’d buy it now if it were in textile form — it would make a great shower curtain.

    As for the dreaded bath photos, believe me, I can sympathize. We have home movies of me getting a bath as an infant and even now they make me cringe.

    1. Steve:
      I also love that wallpaper. Wilma suggested a pattern for a platter. I love that idea. Maybe when this is over, I’ll find a paint-your-own ceramics studio and reproduce it.

  8. Like Steve I rather like the wallpaper and I understand you recreated that pose in several photos that we have yet to see.

    1. Willym:
      I agree about the wallpaper. And, yes, I have many photos like that over the years. Fascinating how the “censored” patch grew with me!

  9. It took me a second, but the face is recognizable. Cute pictures. By the time I came along as the 4th of 4 kids, there were fewer pictures, no embarrassing ones that I know of. You could recreate the photo – sans wallpaper.

    1. David:
      Fewer of those kinds of photos of my brother, now that you mention it. I also can see myself in those early photos. I wish it meant I was still so adorable… but then SG thinks I am and that’s all that matters.

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