Lockdown Day 7: Chocolate Nuts / Encierro Día 7: Nueces Chocolates

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THERE ARE SO many ways to take one’s nuts and one’s chocolate. My current nuts are a variety from El Corte Inglés Supercor (the supermarket). They had a special deal: three containers for the price of two. So, although the prices are steep (nothing to do with coronavirus), I treated myself to three of walnuts and three of almonds. San Geraldo doesn’t especially like nuts (and he loathes walnuts as much as I loathe baked beans and beetroot). Anyway, it turns out SG had already bought a surprise for me at El Corte Inglés, a container of pistachios. These are some of my favorite snacks. So I’m in hog heaven.

And then there’s the chocolate. Since neither of us want you to think we’ve gone all saintly (well, there IS “San” Geraldo) SG baked a batch of his Beacon Hill Brownies. They’re exquisite. We’re heartbroken (no really, I mean it sincerely) we can’t share the brownies with any of our friends. So, we’re trying to behave.

We don’t have the brownies after dinner, nor do we have them with breakfast. After lunch is OK. Normally, we would fill two plates but, to demonstrate how mature we’ve grown, we each had a small bit of brownies and an entire apple for dessert.

If I’m being totally honest, had I been the one serving, I would have given us a lot more brownie.


HAY TANTAS MANERAS de tomar nueces … y chocolate. Mis nueces actuales son una variedad de El Corte Inglés Supercor. Tenían un trato especial: tres contenedores por el precio de dos. Entonces, aunque los precios son elevados (nada que ver con el coronavirus), me di el gusto de tres nueces y tres de almendras. A San Geraldo no le gustan especialmente las nueces (y detesta las nueces tanto como yo odio los frijoles horneados y la remolacha). De todos modos, resulta que SG ya me había comprado una sorpresa en El Corte Inglés, un contenedor de pistachos. Estos son algunos de mis bocadillos favoritos. Así que estoy en el cielo de los cerdos. (En inglés, se dice “hog heaven,” el cielo de los cerdos, como un lugar MUY especial; no se si es lo mismo en español.)

Y luego hay el chocolate. Como ninguno de nosotros quiere que pienses que nos hemos vuelto todos santos (bueno, hay “San” Geraldo), SG horneó un lote de sus Brownies de Beacon Hill. Son exquisitos. Estamos desconsolados (no, en serio, lo digo sinceramente), no podemos compartir los brownies con ninguno de nuestros amigos. Entonces, estamos tratando de comportarnos.

No tenemos los brownies después de la cena, ni los tenemos con el desayuno. Después del almuerzo está bien. Normalmente, llenaríamos dos platos pero, para demostrar cuán maduros hemos crecido, cada uno tenía un poco de brownies y una manzana entera como postre.

Si soy totalmente honesto, si hubiera estado sirviendo, nos hubiera dado más brownie.


It rained heavily all night but the sun is shining, for the moment.
Llovió mucho toda la noche, pero el sol brilla por el momento.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

43 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 7: Chocolate Nuts / Encierro Día 7: Nueces Chocolates”

  1. LOVE walnuts! Almonds are good too. These should see you through the lockdown.
    And the brownies, well who can resist those!
    I see bare streets…..looking very familiar.
    Be safe.

    1. Jim:
      Going out feels good but the sight of the streets as they are is extremely unsettling. It makes me feel like I should be rushing back home… which is really what we’re supposed to be doing anyway. Oh, Jim, these brownies! We each had a little piece as a pre-breakfast treat today!

  2. I am an apple boy from the Valley so Beacon Hill Brownies would just be the cat’s meow ~ a good combo.
    How about sharing the BH recipe for that slab of choco-woco-brownies! Please!
    Your streets remind me of Sunday morning strolls when everyone was still in bed and the world was all yours.

      1. Ron:
        Do you suppose maybe you had something else to do that day? You will NOT be disappointed with those brownies!

  3. I haven’t started baking yet, home made Pizza last night. Can you mail the brownies to a friend? We can send you our addresses if needed.

    1. David:
      I WISH we could mail brownies. These are incredible. But, home-made pizza. I’d love that!

  4. Chocolate and nuts…I buy the dark chocolate covered almonds at Sprouts whenever they are on sale. Or the walnuts, but I like almonds better. Today I have to make my own birthday cake (hopefully there’s a box mix in the cupboard or I’ll have to do it from scratch) but like you said, I won’t be able to share unless some brave friends feel like coming within 6 feet of one another. New Mexico is not on mandatory isolation YET, but I’m sure it’s coming. We ate not to gather more than 10 to a group. Luckily we are quite remote and have hiking trails were we townsfolk can walk with our dogs. Stay well.

    1. Frank:
      Oh, nuts with DARK chocolate, especially. So glad you live where you do during a time like this. Much less stressful. Happy, happy birthday! A box mix? Here’s a baking lesson from SG’s sister. If you want a vanilla cake, but your box mix is for chocolate cake, simply don’t add in the packet of cocoa powder. Voila! Vanilla! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

  5. my fave nuts are pecans and cashews. the street pix remind me of new orleans (architecture style).
    and how unhappy meson salvador looks. 🙁

    1. anne marie:
      It’s really unsettling to be out on the streets. I like that you see New Orleans in that photo. I hadn’t noticed that. Fuengirola definitely doesn’t have the charm of New Orleans, but it does have its moments. I’m very proud of the people of the city right now… and I miss them!

  6. Nuts and brownies.Yum.
    We’re venturing out to try groceries today. We’ll see what we get.

    1. Bob:
      Hope the shop went well. Although it’s really nice to get out for a bit, every trip to the supermarket is anxiety laden.

  7. Oh, those brownies! I like nuts too. The only problem with walnuts, I find, is that they have a very short shelf life before they go moldy.

    1. Debra:
      I didn’t know that about walnuts; but then that IS cooking! I love nuts as much as SG hates them, which means I get HIS!

  8. How on god’s green earth are you able to stop with one brownie, and such a small serving?! The apple would have to find another plate in my house. As for nuts, I love cashews and I’ve recently taken to liking almonds outside of candy bars. I’ve always preferred the male Hershey’s over the female ones. Starting day three with Balder Half home. I haven’t killed him yet, so there’s that 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      Never could stop before. I don’t know what’s come over us. But I love fruit and the apple with the brownie was delicious. SG loves cashews, one of the few nuts he likes at all. Ooh, those male Hershey’s bars (although I’d never thought of them that way). So good. Is Balder Half still there or have you sent/placed him in the backyard?

      1. I love fruit too, especially the blogging kind 🙂 BH is still alive and well. For all of his pent up energy, I still can’t get him to empty the dishwasher. He says that’s my exercise. I pretend to believe him.

      2. Deedles:
        SG and I hosted a Halloween party one year in Connecticut. At the time, I still HATED Halloween. The invitation read: “Come as your favorite work of art.” Some of our friends were brilliant. One couple came as Toulouse Lautrec and a burlesque girl. He was only 5’4″ to begin with and always joked about his height. He walked on his knees with a pair spats attached. And she was perfect. My idea (since I hated Halloween) was I bought a rubber bunch of grapes mask for Jerry and a bunch of rubber bananas for me. We painted our faces to match the fruit and we were “a couple of fruits… in a still life.” And, yes, emptying the dishwasher CAN be exercise. SG would never LOAD the dishwasher because he knew he always did it wrong. But I would give him shit for not emptying it.

    1. Wilma:
      Yes! I have never had better than these. SG regularly calls them fudge. When you get to the center, the word fits.

  9. Pistachios! That’s the next treat I can buy hubby….I tried to think of everything but am now minimizing going out even though we are not on full lockdown. Apparently our liquor stores and pot shops are staying open unless a full lockdown so most humans here are behaving so far. So glad you got to go on a walk even if it is just to the pharmacy or the grocery store. Being outside right now is wonderful.

    1. Cheapchick:
      I also love pistachios… especially when they’re not dyed red! I’m about to head out with some trash. SO excited!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      That sounds like a great lunch. My mother always had a large basket of mixed nuts and two nutcrackers sitting out. We’d snack on them when we watched TV.

  10. I might have to have son make some Brownies now ! ! ! He has been cooking for me but now he cooks every other day so we have leftovers. Easy but so fabulous dinners. I am so lucky.
    Did you see that the Swans and Dolphins have taken back Venice. The water is so clean/clear that you can see them. It is lovely check it out.

    1. Parsnip:
      I hadn’t read that about Venice. Will go check it out. This virus is horrible, but the environmental side effects are a wonder.

  11. Nuts and cheese are always expensive and if you want good quality well… Beautiful photos of deserted streets, same here and nothing to do. At least it is Spring, but like you we miss seeing our friends. So we phone a lot to talk to them.

    1. Laurent:
      The almonds almost tripled in price a couple of months ago… not long after I read about the problems with water and the expense of growing them. I used to always have a container at my desk. We are very luck to live in a time with easy phone, email, text, and video contact with friends and family. This would be so much more difficult.

      1. Laurent:
        I’ve been holding off calling the Kid Brother again until Tuesday because that’s our regular time and I don’t want to throw him off, but I’m kind of stressed that I haven’t spoken to him since before all the reports coming out of NYC. I might just call him later today. I’m sure he’s already stressed with what’s going; he might like the call.

  12. Do you share the recipe for the brownies? I love cashews and peanuts, but I can’t eat nuts (does that sound naughty?). I’m not allergic to nuts; I have a sensitivity to them.

    Janie, who sincerely enjoys your blog

  13. I’m nuts for nuts! Our generous friends share the bounty of their walnut trees with us. Cashews, peanuts, and pistachios come from the supermarket. I’d have pecans, too, if they weren’t so freakin’ expensive.

    1. Oh, and I almost forgot: we always have a supply of ground almonds and ground hazelnuts in the fridge for baking. 🙂

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        Jerry added finely ground almonds to his apple pie crust the last time he made it. Wow! The best crust he’d ever made.

    2. Walt the Fourth:
      The guy we rented our condo from in Santa Barbara (we almost bought it… thank god we didn’t) had a ranch in Los Olivos, CA where he grew walnuts for Diamond. It really annoyed me that he never gifted us any. I also love pecans… and pecan pie! But walnuts and pecans are the two that SG especially hates.

  14. It’s good to pace yourselves! Funny how small pleasures like pistachios and brownies seem so much bigger at times like this.

    1. Steve:
      So true. A friend of ours just wrote that he looks forward to the day that grocery shopping is again a chore and not an exciting outing.

    1. Urspo:
      I’ve had provender (that’s all I know how to prepare), but I don’t think I’ve ever had “tasteless provender.” Is that a brand name? We’re eating well and trying to maintain some variety. Thanks to SG, that’s a possibility.

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