Lockdown Day 28: Boom / Encierro Día 28: Boom

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

BEGINNING IN 1967, WHEN SHE was 16 years old, my sister Dale had a pen pal in Japan. Her name was Fumiko (Fumi) and she was 17. Although they never met in person, Dale considered her one of her closest friends. They continued that friendship until Dale died more than 13 years later. They regularly sent each other photos and gifts, and one of the first things Fumi sent Dale was a 45-rpm vinyl record of the Japanese group, The Spiders, performing “Boom, Boom” in 1966. Listen (to the first video below) and I think you’ll understand why I’ll never forget it. A bit different from the original by John Lee Hooker (first produced in 1962), beneath The Spiders’ version.

THE VIDEO AT THE VERY end struck me as so odd, I just had to share it with you. It’s the “How to Pronounce Guy,” who yesterday tried to teach us how to pronounce “paella.” It turns out he has hundreds of videos to help with pronunciation. I must admit, some are very helpful. His original presentations were audio only, but then he must have thought a little beef cake might attract more followers.

How to Pronounce Guy turned his site into pay-for-ad-clicks, so more recent videos all include peculiar links, which I won’t follow. My advice: Don’t buy what he’s selling in today’s video. There’s no scientific proof that a testosterone booster will give you arms like his. (Are you listening, Deedles?) As a matter of fact, it can cause lots of damage, such as: sleep apnea, acne, enlarged breasts, and testicular shrinkage. You get big arms with intense and dedicated workouts. As How to Pronounce Guy said, “boom.” No emotion, no exclamation point. Just boom. But I would like to thank How to Pronounce Guy because I now know how to pronounce “Rene Auberjonois” and “sphygmomanometer.” Oh, and dick and poop. One mustn’t forget dick and poop. Like the song says, “Boom.”


A PARTIR DE 1967, CUANDO tenía 16 años, mi hermana Dale tenía una amiga por correspondencia en Japón. Se llamaba Fumiko (Fumi) y tenía 17 años. Aunque nunca se conocieron en persona, Dale la consideraba una de sus amigas más cercanas. Continuaron esa amistad hasta que Dale murió más de 13 años después. Regularmente se enviaban fotos y regalos, y una de las primeras cosas que Fumi le envió a Dale fue un disco de vinilo de 45 rpm del grupo japonés, The Spiders (Las Arañas), interpretando “Boom, Boom” al fin de 1966. Escucha (el primer video a continuación) y creo que entenderás por qué nunca lo olvidaré. Un poco diferente al original de John Lee Hooker (producido por primera vez en 1962), debajo de la versión de The Spiders.

EL VIDEO AL FINAL ME pareció tan extraño, solo tuve que compartirlo contigo. Es el “How to Pronounce Guy” (“El Hombre de Cómo Pronunciar”, quien ayer intentó enseñarnos cómo pronunciar “paella”. Resulta que tiene cientos de videos para ayudar con la pronunciación. Debo admitir que algunos son muy útiles. Sus presentaciones originales fueron solo de audio, pero luego debe haber pensado que un pequeño pastel de carne podría atraer a más seguidores.

“How to Pronounce Guy” convirtió su sitio en clics-de-pago-por-publicidad, por lo que los videos más recientes incluyen enlaces peculiares, que no seguiré. Mi consejo: No compre lo que está vendiendo en el video de hoy. No hay pruebas científicas de que un refuerzo de testosterona te dé brazos como los suyos. (¿Estás escuchando, Deedles?) De hecho, puede causar mucho daño, como: apnea del sueño, acné, senos agrandados, y contracción testicular. Obtienes grandes brazos con entrenamientos intensos y dedicados. Como dijo Guy, “boom”. Sin emoción, sin signo de exclamación. Solo boom. Pero me gustaría agradecer cómo pronunciar Guy porque ahora sé cómo pronunciar “Rene Auberjonois” y “esfigmomanómetro”. Ah, y “dick y poop” (polla y caca). No hay que olvidar dick y poop. Como dice la canción, “Boom.”


The trip I took two weeks ago. That’s the column my head didn’t hit when I flew through the air.
El viaje que hice hace dos semanas. Esa es la columna que mi cabeza no golpeó cuando volé por el aire.
The photo at the top of the page is the view before I crossed the street in Friday‘s sunshine. Immediately above is the view from the terrace this morning.
La foto en la parte superior de la página es la vista antes de cruzar la calle bajo la luz del sol del viernes. Inmediatamente arriba está la vista desde la terraza esta mañana.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

24 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 28: Boom / Encierro Día 28: Boom”

  1. japanese beatles (see what I did there?)! BOOM! I like it, it has that 60s flavor we will never hear again. I also like hooker’s version too.

    arms guy reminds me of donald dump supporters. all he needs is a MAGAt hat.

    1. anne marie:
      I wonder what “How to Pronounce it Guy” is really like. I know he’s working on what he wants to sound like a computer voice, but he seems so humorless.

  2. Oh, where to begin? First of all, I already know how to pronounce “guy”. It’s sounds like eye with a gee, thank you very much. Secondly, I don’t need arms that big (neither does dear Balder). Watching this dude’s video had me wondering who’s pronouncing the words for him because I think he may be sitting on his brain. Thirdly, I don’t need testosterone. I can grow my own beard and ‘stache (been doing it for years). The only benefit for me is the testicular shrinkage. If I ever grow a pair, I want them shrunk, STAT! I don’t need sleep apnea, never had to deal with acne (not something to look forward to) and I grew my breastesses the old fashioned way, babies!
    I prefer the original version of the song.
    Now, Scoot, I did not enjoy the pictures of your “trip”. I pictured steps in my head instead of stairs, which is stupid since you have an elevator. You could’ve done so much more damage, and think of poor SG finding you down there if you had! There may have been *gasp* BLOOD!! Who would’ve come for the bodies? You all broken from your fall and SG all broken from falling after fainting! I play because I know you didn’t hit your head or other good parts 🙂
    Sorry, but it was impossible for me to keep this short.
    Remember to stay off of that ankle whenever possible. Let it heal.

    1. Deedles:
      So, is that a hard G or a soft G? I wonder if Mr. How To Pronounce sees the humor at all in his videos or is humor also affected by shrinkage.
      Yeah, I really wanted to share a couple of photos of the lobby and stairs to give you a better sense of the damage I could have done. The first time I went back down and took a look, I was struck by the damage I could have done. Don’t know how I managed to come out relatively unscathed … other than the ankle. AND how the ankle didn’t break because it sure snapped, first left and then right. Unbelievable. I’d say I was lucky… but it could have been a lot luckier to not fall at all.

  3. My god…at least when I went down my steps it was carpeted!!!!!! Had I went down 8 or 9 steps there, I bet I would have broke something. You are lucky. I also like the Japanese video better. And I’m pretty sure that guy in the big arms video and from the last one you posted, is indeed a robot. He’s a He-bot. very creepy. But again, he’d need to be naked so I can for sure see.

      1. Deedles:
        Simple research IS in order. Ever the academics, we are.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      When I look at those stairs and lobby now, I shiver a little. That could have been really bad. As for the He-Bot, I agree. I wonder if he’s demonstrated how to pronounce the word “NAKED.” Should we write in?

  4. Great Boom videos! I only lasted for 3 seconds of the how to pronounce guy. The stairs are beautiful and potentially deadly if you go BOOM. Always such broad views from you, Mitchell.

    1. Wilma:
      Will have to write again about my sister and Fumi’s phone conversation, which was recorded. Hilarious. And, yes, when I look at those stairs now, I really appreciate how bad that could have been.

  5. OMG the scene of the crime! All that slippery marble! You are indeed lucky you didn’t bash your brains out on that ill-placed column. Holy moly!

    1. Debra:
      Those pictures really do show how deadly that might have been. I was going to reenact the flight using the camera but thought better of it. I probably would have done it again.

  6. I like the spiders version – who would have thunk it. I took a miss on watching the dude with the big arms….roid boy for sure. My stepson is a massive body builder and I am constantly telling him not to take that shit – bad bad stuff.

    1. Cheapchick:
      So sorry to learn that about your stepson. Scary stuff. Big Arms Guy’s presentation was brief and really fun in that “I don’t know I’m being funny” sort of way. You might want to give it a watch just to hear him say “boom.”

  7. The Spiders are much better than I thought they might be! I think I’ll pass on Mr. Pronunciation. I used to care about having big arms, but I’m past it now. 🙂

    1. Steve:
      Really the only reason I shared Mr. Pronunciation this time was because his delivery of the word “boom” was to me so funny. The Spiders were very good and I loved the lead singers pronunciation of the English words.

    1. Urspo:
      Fumi sent Dale porcelain dolls in exquisitely detailed silk traditional Japanese costumes and so many other elegant gifts. But that Spiders record was my favorite.

  8. I concur with some of the above comments…..you were very lucky not to have injured more than your ankle. Those hard stairs are scary!
    For some reason I remember the first video…..very familiar.

    1. Jim:
      After taking another look at the stairs leading to the lobby, I’m shocked that I didn’t kill myself. I really did fly through the air and landing with my head next to that pillar. The Spiders are memorable.

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