Most famous brand at present / La marca más famosa en la actualidad

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR entertainment these days? Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to take in a bit of history and beauty — as I did Wednesday when San Geraldo and I visited Cueva del Tesoro (yesterday’s post). Most of the time, however, I entertain myself with what I see on my walks around town, or even viewed from our terrace (like people exercising on the beach).

The other day I was browsing a nearby bazarre — one of the large, discount shops that can be found all over town (click here). I especially enjoy this because just about everything is made in China and quite a lot of the merchandise (especially clothing) is lost in translation. The latest was a contemporary take on Popeye [the Sailor Man, toot toot] in low-rise jeans on a T-shirt that had his name partially hidden under some necklace bling. Still, it was obvious Popeye wasn’t spelled correctly; there appear to be a couple of letters before the final “E.” That could have been intentional in a useless attempt to avoid copyright infringement; but it was probably just a problem with those peculiar English characters.

My favorite of the day however was a black T-shirt printed in metallic gold. It looks like a tiger’s face in the middle. Below that is the word ODRDA. [I have no idea.] Below that are the words

“fashion master essentialJs
one of the world’s
most famous brand of silderware
at present.”

The “J” could be an “I” but that doesnt’t matter. I was impressed by the use of an apostrophe in “world’s”, but I didn’t buy it.

It’s been raining for most of two days now. A good soaking. The surf has calmed a bit, but it’s been wild for days. It was so rough one night, and the tide was so high, that one of the small boats that sits high and dry in winter got washed into the sea. I don’t know if the owner or some good samaritan rescued it, but it’s been dragged up almost to the Paseo.

The boat is the sister [no, it’s not] to the other two boats, the Niña and the Pinta, of the first voyage Christopher Columbus made across the Atlantic. I was surprised to see the Santa Maria right here in Fuengirola. I had been told she ran aground in Haiti on her return trip.

Dudo’s Le Creuset box has survived another week on my office floor and yesterday I even added a towel to make it more comfortable (an orange towel, of course, to coordinate with the box). But I’m not a complete pushover; I’ve been leaving the closet door closed whether he likes it or not. Well, I exaggerate. It’s only been six hours and he’s been asleep in San Geraldo’s office most of that time.


¿QUÉ HACES PARA EL ENTRETENIMIENTO en estos días? A veces, tengo la suerte de disfrutar de un poco de historia y belleza, como lo hice el miércoles cuando San Geraldo y yo visitamos la Cueva del Tesoro. La mayor parte del tiempo, sin embargo, me entretengo con lo que veo en mis paseos por la ciudad, o incluso lo que veo desde nuestra terraza (por ejemplo, personas que hacen ejercicio en la playa).

El otro día estaba navegando por un bazarre cercano, una de las grandes tiendas de descuento que se pueden encontrar por toda la ciudad (haz clic aquí). Disfruto especialmente esto porque casi todo se fabrica en China y gran parte de la mercancía (especialmente la ropa) se pierde en la traducción. La última fue una versión contemporánea de Popeye [el marino, toot toot] con jeans de talle bajo en una camiseta que tenía su nombre parcialmente oculto debajo de un collar brillante. Aún así, era obvio que Popeye no estaba escrito correctamente; parece haber un par de letras antes de la “E” final. Eso podría haber sido intencional en un intento inútil de evitar la infracción de derechos de autor; pero probablemente fue solo un problema con esos peculiares caracteres ingleses.

Sin embargo, mi favorita del día fue una camiseta negra estampada en oro metálico. Parece la cara de un tigre en el medio. Debajo está la palabra ODRDA. [No tengo ni idea]. Debajo están las palabras en inglés, que era en essencia,

“fashion master esencialJes
una de las marcas de cudiertos
más famosos del mundo
en la actualidad”

La “J” en esenciales podría ser un “i”, pero eso no importa. Me impresionó el uso correcto de un apóstrofe en “world’s” [de mundo], pero no me lo tragué.

Ha estado lloviendo durante casi dos días. Un buen remojo. El oleaje se ha calmado un poco, pero ha estado salvaje durante días. Una noche estaba tan agitada, y la marea estaba tan alta, que una de los pequeñas barcas que se sienta alto y seco en invierno fue arrastrado al mar. No sé si el dueño o algún buen samaritano lo rescató, pero lo han arrastrado casi hasta el Paseo.

La barca es hermana [no, no lo es] de los otros dos barcos, la Niña y la Pinta, del primer viaje que hizo Cristóbal Colón a través del Atlántico. Me sorprendió ver a Santa María aquí mismo en Fuengirola. Me habían dicho que encalló en Haití en su viaje de regreso.

La caja Le Creuset de Dudo ha sobrevivido una semana más en el suelo de mi oficina y ayer incluso le agregué una toalla para hacerla más cómoda (una toalla naranja, por supuesto, para coordinar con la caja). Pero no soy un presa fácil; he dejado la puerta del armario cerrada, le guste o no. Bueno, exagero. Solo han pasado seis horas y él ha estado durmiendo en la oficina de San Geraldo todo el tiempo.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Most famous brand at present / La marca más famosa en la actualidad”

  1. Maybe that closeted gay Popeeeye????

    And you’ve done it now; you will never get rid of that box!!!

    1. Bob:
      He looks like Rapster Popeye. I’m thinking of buying a couple of cat beds for my office… again! The box can’t last forever… although given the price (and weight) of Le Creuset, at least they didn’t skimp on the box.

    1. Debra:
      I told him this morning that I was in charge. He ran out of the room laughing. I swear.

  2. Perhaps Dudo wants to change his name Le Creuset? I’m surprised the excavation of the Santa Maria didn’t make worldwide headline news.

    1. Wilma:
      Did you know Le Creuset means The Crucible? (I didn’t.) Other than being a metal container in which substances can be melted at high temperatures, a crucible is also a severe trial. Yep, that fits. And I lose.

    1. Jim:
      I never wanted to BE Popeye but I did want to be strong to the finich. I hated spinach but learned to love it.

  3. Dudo owns you, LOL!

    Flea markets and bazaars are great because you never know what you’ll see there. Beware of Chinese counterfeit schmuck though, LOL! Much of my pandemic lockdown entertainment comes from reading and commenting on funny & interesting blogs such as yours…

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      And so does Moose! And they both own SG, too. He actually gets out of his office chair when Dudo wants it.

      The bazarres are supposedly not legally permitted to sell designer knock-offs. They sometimes get busted for it. Other times, they sell obvious imitations with altered names. And thank you for reading and commenting… and for calling my blog funny and interesting. You get me through my days!

    1. Kirk:
      That’s perfect. I tried to find a Sailor Rap (the bling and those boxers), but didn’t like anything I came acorss.

    1. Raybeard:
      I hope it brings a smile to your face every time you look at it. I have SO many and I hope you save them all. How are your kids doing?

  4. SWEET DUDO! yoga on the beach. and I never knew popeye was gifted with a “package”!

  5. A colleague at work once told me I look like Olive Oyl. I asked, Because I’m skinny or I’m ugly? She said, Both! I thought it was hilarious, but I’m no longer skinny enough to be Popeye’s girl.


    1. Janie:
      That’s some colleague! Anyway, I always Olive Oyl was cute. I had a colleague who dressed like Olive Oyl. Serious work clothing that always had that look. People commented on her style and she always thought they were crazy.

  6. I love those peculiar flea market finds with faux-English. The ODRDA one is particularly perplexing. I think clothing makers overseas just find a promising bit of text in a catalog or online and put it on the shirt without any idea what it means.

    Sk8trboy Popeye?!

    I’m sure Dudo appreciates having a color-coordinated box and towel combo. 🙂

    1. Steve:
      You’re right about Dudo. Also, it’s a better quality towel than the junk towels we tend to use for them. I’m sure he was relieved. I’m also sure you’re right about the clothing makers. Often, I see simply a combination of words that have no meaning together, but they’ve been on other shirts.

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