Did he just blink? / ¿Parpadeó?

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While out on the terrace the other afternoon, I heard some scratching and looked up to see a hooded crow staring at me. He was digging through the rain gutter looking for (and finding) things to eat.

Yesterday, we met Andreas, Anette, and family for a late lunch at Fridays. Yes, the American food chain. We had another great time after which I went to bed for the rest of the day and night.

Before lunch, I went to a bookstore looking for anything on old Nordnes (yesterday’s post) to see if it might help San Geraldo find more of his history. I found a great book, which includes maps of the old streets before they were renamed or rearranged. SG and I are going for another walk today to see what more we can discover. We’ve had breakfast. SG is snoozing. I’m about to hop in the shower.


Mientras estaba en la terraza la otra tarde, escuché algunos rasguños y miré hacia arriba para ver un corvus cornix mirándome fijamente. Estaba cavando a través de la canaleta de lluvia buscando (y encontrando) cosas para comer.

Ayer nos encontramos con Andreas, Anete y familia para un almuerzo tardío los viernes. Sí, la cadena alimentaria estadounidense. Lo pasé muy bien después de lo cual me fui a la cama por el resto del día y la noche.

Antes del almuerzo, fui a una librería a buscar algo sobre el viejo Nordnes (la publicación de ayer) para ver si podría ayudar a San Geraldo a encontrar más de su historia. Encontré un gran libro, que incluye mapas de las calles antiguas antes de que fueran renombradas o reorganizadas. SG y yo vamos a dar otro paseo hoy para ver qué más podemos descubrir. Hemos desayunado. SG está durmiendo. Estoy a punto de saltar en la ducha.

• What a difference yesterday’s sunshine made. Note the sloping roofline at center.
• Qué diferencia hizo el sol de ayer. Tenga en cuenta la línea del techo inclinado en el centro.
• Back at the Museum of Natural History. We’re pretty sure he wasn’t real (although I of course told Olav I saw him blink).
• De vuelta en el Museo de Historia Natural. Estamos bastante seguros de que no era real (aunque, por supuesto, le dije a Olav que lo vi parpadear).
• Grieg’s birthplace in Nordnes. I wonder if great-grandma Ingeborg knew him.
• Lugar de nacimiento de Grieg en Nordnes. Me pregunto si la bisabuela Ingeborg lo conocía.
• Lunch at Creperia in Nordnes Monday. San Geraldo’s pulled pork crepe.
• Almuerzo en Creperia en Nordnes el lunes. Crepe de puerco desmenuzado de San Geraldo.
• My ham, cheese, and egg crepe. Maybe we’ll go back today.
• Mi crepa de jamón, queso y huevo. Quizás volvamos hoy.

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24 thoughts on “Did he just blink? / ¿Parpadeó?”

    1. David:
      That “piece” is on a rack with tiers that rotate through two floors. A strange collection of items. I probably should have read about it!

    1. Jim:
      There was another lifelike figure of a woman breastfeeding a baby. We all did a double-take.

  1. Eye popping realism ~ unbelievable ~ I don’t know about you but I find the guy’s toes a bit creepy. RE: roof slant ~ I think I can see another roof extension coming out of the connection of these 2 roofs maybe that has a lot to do with the age-slant of them.

  2. Amazing realism in sleeping fellow. I thought you were getting a bit too close to the guy, so was surprised to find ‘he’ was a museum item.

    Happy to see some sunshine on your behalf.

    1. Mary:
      There was also a nursing mother, but I moved the camera too soon and she’s nothing more than a blur. Fog, clouds, and drizzle again today.

  3. That waxwork at the museum is scary – as is the “face in the straw”! I’ve been “playing catch-up” on your blog posts – sorry to hear you’re too pooped to continue the holiday plans, but looking at what you had planned, I don’t blame you! COVID exhaustion or no, I’d need another holiday after all that driving. Still, a few more days wandering around that lovely town is reward in itself, methinks. Jx

    1. Jon.
      There were some other frighteningly real exhibits. Despite the exhaustion, this has been a worthwhile two weeks in Bergen.

    1. Urspo:
      It made me wonder if SG’s great-grandmother knew him. They didn’t hang in the same social circles. His grandmother, however, did go to his funeral.

  4. Those crepes looks delicious and so artistically presented! I’d go back for more too. Creepy museum guy is creepy. And I’m sure great-grandma Ingeborg knew that Grieg brat and swatted his ass a couple of times for stealing apples from her tree or something.

    1. Debra:
      SG’s grandmother (Gudrun) went to Grieg’s funeral. But I have a feeling everyone in Bergen did. Ingeborg was a apparently just the type to swat a kid’s ass. Serious and stern. I even told the chef when we left Creperia that the crepes were works of art. We’re going back today with cousin Inger.

  5. I definitely thought that was a real person! Hyper-realism, I guess you’d call it. Cool that you found the book of old maps. I always get Grieg confused with Elgar, and Holst sometimes gets in there too. I have no idea why.

    1. Steve:
      I won’t tell cousin Inger you get Grief confused with anyone. She’s appalled that we haven’t visited his house.

  6. I’m pretty sure your jackdaw is a hooded crow (Corvus cornix) and not the Daurian jackdaw (Coloeus dauuricus) which is similar but not in the area

    1. Yolandesa:
      Thank you! You’re absolutely right that it’s a hooded crow. I’ll correct the caption now. We have seen jackdaws here. Maybe I’ll see some today and can get a picture. Thanks for the correction.

      1. The one you are likely to find there is the western jackdaw (Coloeus monedula). Corvids are such fun birds.

      2. Yolandesa:
        They sure are. I had a conversation with this one (it was one-sided, but he didn’t seem to mind).

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