Tired tires / Neumáticos cansados

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The apartment is clean thanks to Isabel. We had breakfast out this morning. We’re both shaken by the news from Lars (yesterday’s post) and still reeling from Susan’s departure. Her memorial is this Sunday. Don’t know exactly what role I’ll play, but her family has been so kind to me. Flowers? Something written? Something recorded? Whatever works for them. Their plan is to come to Spain over the next year to spread some of her ashes here with me. I will relish every one of those visits.

We have to take the car in this afternoon for its bi-annual inspection. We’re concerned the tires might not pass muster. Two have little chunks taken out of the rubber. We couldn’t get the new tires in time. Here’s hoping they’re not a show stopper. The car is a 2016 Prius with 17,000 km (less than 11,000 miles). Exterior details are weathering terribly — 365 days a year spent in the salty sea air. Also, we each had a brain fart and did some body damage. We wonder if it’s worth having cosmetic work done or just buying a new car.

I’ve shared a few photos from another walk on the Paseo. The palm trees are being trimmed. It looks like so much fun — and much less risky than shimmying up the trees like our workers did at our hotel in Palm Springs. I’ve ended today with some Spain trivia Susan shared with me. The things I learned from her!


El apartamento está limpio gracias a Isabel. Desayunamos afuera esta mañana. Ambos estamos conmocionados por las noticias de Lars (el blog de ayer) y todavía tambaleándonos por la partida de Susan. Su memorial es este domingo. No sé exactamente qué papel interpretaré, pero su familia ha sido muy amable conmigo. ¿Flores? ¿Algo escrito? Algo grabado? Lo que sea que funcione para ellos. Su plan es venir a España durante el próximo año para esparcir algunas de sus cenizas aquí conmigo. Disfrutaré cada una de esas visitas.

Tenemos que llevar el coche esta tarde para su revisión semestral. Nos preocupa que los neumáticos no pasen la prueba. Dos tienen pequeños trozos sacados de la goma. No pudimos conseguir los neumáticos nuevos a tiempo. Aquí está la esperanza de que no sean un obstáculo para el espectáculo. El coche es un Prius 2016 con 17.000 km (menos de 11.000 millas). Los detalles exteriores se están desgastando terriblemente: los 365 días del año se pasan en el aire salado del mar. Además, cada uno de nosotros se tiró un pedo cerebral y se hizo daño corporal. Nos preguntamos si vale la pena hacerse un trabajo cosmético o simplemente comprar un auto nuevo.

He compartido algunas fotos de otro paseo por el Paseo. Las palmeras están siendo podadas. Parece muy divertido, y mucho menos arriesgado que trepar por los árboles como lo hicieron nuestros trabajadores en nuestro hotel en Palm Springs. He terminado hoy con un poco de trivia sobre España que Susan compartió conmigo. ¡Las cosas que aprendí de ella!

• The Nordic Walking Sticks and do-rag complete the ensemble.
• Los bastones de marcha nórdica y el durag completan el conjunto.
¿Sabías que en Las Islas Canarias no hay un solo canario? ¿Y en las Islas Vírgenes? Lo mismo — ¡ni un canario allí tampoco!

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26 thoughts on “Tired tires / Neumáticos cansados”

  1. Bad enough the clown is wearing a do(do)-rag and that his shirt and shorts don’t match, but the clothing is wretchedly-made. The plaid doesn’t match up anywhere across the seams of the shorts (note left side different than the right) and the stripes on the shirt sleeve are not aligned with the stripes on the body of the shirt. A mark of really lousy production. We all have our quirks, and as someone who sews, that is one of mine.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, thank you for noticing the lack of alignment. That drives me crazy and I don’t sew.

  2. That “bucket lift’ is what our tree guy used to deal with the fallen/almost fallen trees after Hurricane Fiona. Yes, they do look like fun!

    Now why didn’t the strip/plaid guy just put on a simple plain black short? lol

    One loss of a dear friend is tough……two? Sending you both positive and healing energy.

    1. Jim:
      Why? Because he has questionable taste. I won’t so bad taste because maybe I’m the one with bad taste. Stil… Argh.

  3. I could do with one of those lifts in our garden, so I could lop the bloody sycamores to bits and stop them shedding their seeds everywhere!

    All that and those perplexing “comedy walking sticks” as well? You must have felt like it was your birthday… 🙂


    1. Jon:
      I saw the guy in the do-rag within minutes of leaving home. I wanted to thank him.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about all the losses. I don’t know what’s going on this month. We ourselves have lost two family members and I just found out a good friend of mine up at the Poconos has passed away.

    But oh dear those clothes combinations again………

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I want to sing (yell) Don’t nobody bring me no bad news! Just bring me bad fashion.

  5. If your Prius still runs well, then save your money for some other indulgence – a new car would only wind up in the same condition as the old one!

    Hugs to you and SG. Skritches to the boys.

    1. Debra:
      We may still get the new tires… and maybe do some bodywork. A couple of dents are a bit embarrassing. But when we lived in Sevilla, SG’s sister and her husband were visiting and decided to see how many cars in a row that drove by were banged up. They got to 28 and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

  6. That’s some chunk of rubber missing from that tire! Did you back up over a spike belt or something?

    1. Kirk:
      SG did have a it checked by Toyota and they assured him it was no risk. However, he was still nervous about the inspection. It turned out to be no problem.

  7. I think, in France, those tires would be show stoppers. They’d send us out with an order to replace them and comeback to verify. Our two cars are up for inspection now, too. Ken’s busy replacing windshield wipers and running engine cleaning fluids through the gas tanks. I think our tires are fine. This year.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Toyota looked at it first and said it wasn’t a risk, although chunks out of the rubber are failures on inspection. This clearly is not as bad as it looks and it’s on the sidewall. No problem! What a relief.

  8. I’ll be interested to hear about the tires, too — I’ve never had a car inspected with damage to any tires, but I bet, like Walt, that it will be an easy-fix issue… though a pain to have to take care of. Let us know!

    1. Judy C:
      It was a thorough inspection and the tires were fine. I think it’s where it’s located and also perhaps it looks worse than it is. They were definitely sticklers.

  9. Dealing with a passing is never easy. I’m sure anything you do will be appreciated.

    You better keep that car in good shape. When Jeffrey and I come to visit after retiring in 4 years, You will have to take us everywhere and show us everything.

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