Crystal, wicker, and glitz / Cristal, mimbre, y brillo

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To conserve electricity, the city of Málaga reduced the number of Christmas lights on the streets and the number of hours they’re lit every night. It’s still glorious. Because I was with San Geraldo Wednesday night, I didn’t linger or wander long for photos. These are what I grabbed on our way back to the train. It was just as well. We got home around 10 and were both exhausted.

There’s a Christmas drone show at the port beginning tomorrow night at 8:30, which will repeat on the 7th and 23rd, with some kind of special show on the 9th. There’s the possibility of rain for the next 10 days. I don’t want to miss it, but I hope at least one of those nights will be without rain (when making a video looking up into the sky would be tricky, if not impossible). There was a drone show at Málaga Fair this year that was supposed to be sensational. Imagine 120 drones in a choreographed performance. I hope I’ll get to share my own view.


Para ahorrar electricidad, la ciudad de Málaga redujo la cantidad de luces navideñas en las calles y la cantidad de horas que están encendidas cada noche. Todavía es glorioso. Debido a que estuve con San Geraldo el miércoles por la noche, no me entretuve ni deambulé mucho para tomar fotos. Esto es lo que agarré en nuestro camino de regreso al tren. Fue igual de bueno. Llegamos a casa alrededor de las 10 y ambos estábamos exhaustos.

Hay un espectáculo de drones de Navidad en el puerto que comienza mañana por la noche a las 20:30, que se repetirá los días 7 y 23, con algún tipo de espectáculo especial el día 9. Existe la posibilidad de lluvia para los próximos 10 días. No quiero perdérmela, pero espero que al menos una de esas noches sea sin lluvia (cuando hacer un video mirando hacia el cielo sería complicado, si no imposible). Este año hubo un show de drones en la Feria de Málaga que se suponía que iba a ser sensacional. Imagina 120 drones en una actuación coreografiada. Espero poder compartir mi propia vista.

• Paco José. The usually festive shop even more festive for Christmas.
• Paco José. La tienda generalmente festiva aún más festiva para Navidad.
• That’s San Geraldo with his hands clasped behind his back. He didn’t even look in the windows of Captain Candy Shop. Such self control.
• Ese es San Geraldo con las manos entrelazadas a la espalda. Ni siquiera miró por los escaparates de Captain Candy Shop. ¡Qué autocontrol!
• Wouldn’t you love one of these in your dining room? In our case, it would end up being our dining room.
• ¿No te encantaría tener uno de estos en tu comedor? En nuestro caso, acabaría siendo nuestro comedor.
• A poinsettia star surrounding the Christmas tree on Plaza de la Constitución.
• Una estrella de nochebuena rodeando el árbol de Navidad de la Plaza de la Constitución.
• One of my favorite buildings in Málaga. The shop at bottom, Angulas Mayoz, sells baby eels (angulas) and other frozen seafood.
• Uno de mis edificios favoritos de Málaga. La tienda de abajo, Angulas Mayoz, vende mariscos congelados.
• Tower of the Church of Saint John the Baptist (built in 1487 and renovated in 1680) with wickerwork Christmas lights lining the street.
• Torre de la Iglesia de San Juan Bautista (de 1487 y renovado en 1680) con luces navideñas de mimbre que bordean la calle.

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28 thoughts on “Crystal, wicker, and glitz / Cristal, mimbre, y brillo”

  1. Magical! Your fav building resembles the Flat Iron Bidg in NYC. We had one here in the city but they tore it down.

    1. Jim:
      I remember the Flat Iron Building. Would love to see that neighborhood now. I’ll get new photos of this one in daylight. It’s much more colorful and decorative than the Flat Iron.

  2. As you probably surmised I love Crystal Wicker and Glitz!Málaga it’s such a pretty Town year-round let alone Christmas. It truly is beautiful and puts one in the mood. I would go nuts in Paco Jose’s! And don’t think my Eagle Eye missed what looks like a very fit guy in front of it in the first picture. From here I can see his very nice legs and some very nice “character” behind.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      “Fit Guy” was quite a surprise when I opened the photos on my computer. I simply knew some guy had entered the frame of my third attempt. My other choices were a group of people or a moto. Nice surprise. I have to walk around town and get shots of all the displays. Stunning.

  3. A whole shop for frozen fish! I’m really impressed.
    The lights are beautiful, and the candy shop is an invitation to delightful decision fatigue.

    1. Chrissoup:
      It’s not an uncommon shop here. We’ve got one about 3 minutes away. But the building isn’t picturesque. I have never shopped at Paco José. I’m trying to keep it that way. Too tempting.

  4. Oooh, I love the poinsettia star at the base of the tree! And the blue lighting and the whole eel-selling building….and everthing! Thanks for another video! Fabulous to know that this song is EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD in December 🙂 What fun!

    1. Judy C:
      I couldn’t believe all those poinsettias. Here in town, they’re planted all around.

  5. Always good to see the lights! You’re reminding me that I need to get down into Westminster at night and check out the Xmas scene in London.

    I did not know a “drone show” was a thing. That’s new to me.

    1. Steve:
      The drone show was new to me when I read about the Málaga Fair. I’m sorry I missed it. Looking forward to seeing you Westminster photos.

    1. Debra:
      There’s a 12% chance of rain this evening during the drone show. I might chance it. Forecast is much more sketcy the rest of the week.

  6. I was in Europe the past couple of weeks and it was clear that many towns and cities are keeping the lights–festive and otherwise–to a minimum. In Budapest, the iconic Parliament Building only gradually lights up after sunset and then all lights (on most buildings) are out by 10 pm.

    Based on your photos, Malaga has to be one of the best places for festive lights and decorations–so creative and sophisticated.

    1. Mary:
      Málaga has risen in recent years to one of the top cities for Christmas lights. It’s so much fun.

  7. Crystal, wicker and glitz sounds like a fabulous law firm. It’s been getting gaudy in these here parts since October.

    1. Deedles:
      Gaudy will soon make partner: Crystal, Wicker, Glitz, and Gaudy. You always make me smile.

  8. I also love Malaga’s crystal, wicker and glitz display, especially their more subdued, yet elegant, colour choices! Andiron buildings are so interesting and such a good use of urban space if street don’t align — I’ve always wondered what the interior room shapes must be like…

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      There are photos online of NYC’s Flatiron Building’s interior. Maybe I’ll stop by the eel shop next time it’s open.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I thought Spo liked them short, practical, and easy to digest. Oh wait, that was November.

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