Charo, chorizo, camembert, chocolate

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

At the gym earlier today, I was having a friendly conversation with one of the staff when she asked if I was from Barcelona. It was a simple conversation and I hadn’t needed to grasp for words and conjugations (which I usually do). But still, Barcelona? Maybe it wasn’t my Spanish so much as the fact that I reminded her of Charo. If you don’t know Charo, watch the Burger King commercial I’ve shared below. She’s actually a gifted guitarist and singer who trained under Andrés Segovia. But ya gotta have a gimmick.

The first two photos were taken when I finally got out of bed at 9. The top photo was from the bedroom before I walked out on the terrace. I didn’t stay long. I was stark naked (is that more bare than just plain naked?) and had opened a window wide when two people walking by across the street took a good long gander. My privates were hidden (and so was the general) but I think it was obvious I had nothing on. They smiled. I waved. And I then closed the window.

The rest of today’s photos are from Wednesday’s dinner in Málaga before we watched the light show. Tomorrow, more photos from Málaga and another video — of Málaga, not of Charo.

Hoy temprano en el gimnasio, estaba teniendo una conversación amistosa con uno de los miembros del personal cuando me preguntó si era de Barcelona. Era una conversación sencilla y no había necesitado captar palabras y conjugaciones (lo que suelo hacer). Pero aún así, ¿Barcelona? Tal vez no fue tanto mi español como el hecho de que le recordaba a Charo. Si no conoces a Charo, ver el anuncio de televisión de Burger King que comparto a continuación. De hecho, es una guitarrista y cantante talentosa que se formó con Andrés Segovia. Pero tienes que tener un truco.

Las primeras dos fotos fueron tomadas cuando finalmente me levanté de la cama a las 9. La foto de arriba era del dormitorio antes de salir a la terraza. No me quedé mucho tiempo. Estaba completamente desnudo (¿eso es más desnudo que simplemente desnudo?) y había abierto una ventana de par en par cuando dos personas que pasaban por la calle me miraron largamente. Mis partes íntimas estaban ocultas, pero creo que era obvio que no tenía nada puesto. Ellos sonrieron. Saludé. Y luego cerré la ventana.

El resto de fotos de hoy son de la cena del miércoles en Málaga antes de ver el espectáculo de luces. Mañana más fotos de Málaga y otro vídeo —de Málaga, no de Charo.

• My acorn-fed Iberian chorizo.
• Mi chorizo Ibérico de Bellota.
• My camembert toast on a red onion chutney base.
• Mi camembert fundido con chutney de cebolla roja.
• San Geraldo’s free-range breaded chicken, avocado, brie, and old-fashioned mustard.
• Pollo de corral “empanao” de San Geraldo, aguacate, queso brie, y mostaza antigua.
• SG’s chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream.
• Coulant de chocolate de SG con helado de vainilla.
• My lemon cake.
• Mi tarta de limón.
• Oh, don’t judge me!
• ¡Ay, no me juzgues!

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Charo, chorizo, camembert, chocolate”

    1. Debra:
      Friends here (English and Spanish) don’t know her, which surprised me. However, they’re all A LOT younger.

  1. Very interesting post today Lots of items covered today or not !
    Oh the Lemon Cake looks so lovely.
    The overlords are looking wonderful today.

  2. Oh Charo! Yes, she really can play the classical guitar……saw her in-concert in Provincetown a few years back. I remember her also from the Ed Sullivan Show.
    SG sandwich looks right up my alley.

    1. Jim:
      SG said the sandwich was very good. Let us know when you’ll be here and we’ll go for lunch.

    1. Bob:
      The cats are always judge-y. I’m not sure the passersby were judge-y or just entertained.

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Moose’ and Dudo’s facial expressions at seeing your nakedness are hilarious…. Moose “Show me something I haven’t seen a million times” and Dudo “Whoa, what is THAT?!”

    Thanks for making my Friday afternoon, Mitchell!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Cat whisperer. That sure does fit their expressions. I thought Moose was saying, “Again?!?” So, basically what you said.

  4. Oh I see, we get a picture of the cute boys, which I always love, but we don’t get a picture of you?!?!? Don’t sweat being naked. I used to walk around naked all the time when I was in the apartment…and then when autumn hit and the leaves were gone, I would often forget that people on other second floors could see right in because of the leaves being off the trees. Matter of fact Lumbersexual was the one who reminded me about it when he commented on seeing my ole glory swinging.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I could have sworn I had the camera set to selfie. I don’t know how I got the cats instead. My bedroom in my parents’ apartment had large windows covering most of one wall (with a view of the Narrows leading into New York Harbor; it was great). The closest building was about a city block away. By the time I was in college, I didn’t bother closing the blinds ever. The view was too good. I slept nude. My mother was shocked that I didn’t close the blinds. I told her someone would have to use binoculars or a telescope and, if they were going to go to that trouble, they deserved a reward. She was even more appalled.

  5. Coochie couchie! Sorry, I’m not sure how to spell coochie… Charo was a favorite frequent guest on Merv Griffin’s (or was it Mike Douglas’ — maybe both) show back in the seventies, if memory serves.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Charo was a regular on the talk show circuit. I DID enjoy her fractured English, especially realizing it was a gimmick. Have you seen her son, Shel Raston? Wow! Cuchi. Cuchi. (Correct spelling)

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