Be the light / Sé la luz

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Last night, San Geraldo and I saw the light. We took the train into Málaga in the early evening. We arrived at Calle Larios just in time for the first light show at 7:00, but decided to have dinner nearby (more on that another day) and go to the second light and music show at 8:30. The final show is at 10.

Málaga wows us every year with its spectacular lights and music show, which lasts about 15 minutes. I recorded it all (in manageable segments) except for the first minute or so (my favorite) when I forgot to press record. I plan to go back to catch other holiday displays around town. Today’s clip is the final musical selection.

We had positioned ourselves with our backs to a post supporting holiday banners on the Plaza de la Constitución. I planned to climb onto the base when the show started, but two women came up behind us and tested their own stability on the base. Had I climbed up, I would have blocked their view and, since they were more vertically challenged than I, I decided to not climb up in front of them. I would just hold my camera high. One woman grabbed SG’s shoulder for stability when she first climbed up and immediately apologized. He told her to go ahead and she held onto his shoulder the entire time. The other grabbed my shoulder every so often. At the end, they both thanked us profusely. It was, oddly, a highlight of the night.


Anoche, San Geraldo y yo vimos la luz. Cogimos el tren a Málaga a primera hora de la tarde. Llegamos a Calle Larios justo a tiempo para el primer espectáculo de luces a las 7:00, pero decidimos cenar cerca (hablaremos de eso otro día) e ir al segundo espectáculo de luces y música a las 8:30. El espectáculo final es a las 10.

Málaga nos sorprende cada año con su espectacular espectáculo de luces y música, que dura unos 15 minutos. Lo grabé todo (en segmentos manejables) excepto el primer minuto más o menos (mi favorito) cuando olvidé presionar grabar. Planeo volver para ver otras exhibiciones navideñas en la ciudad. El clip de hoy es la selección musical final.

Nos habíamos posicionado de espaldas a un poste de banderas navideñas en la Plaza de la Constitución. Planeaba subirme a la base cuando comenzara el espectáculo, pero dos mujeres se nos acercaron por detrás y probaron su propia estabilidad en la base. Si hubiera subido, les habría bloqueado la vista y, dado que tenían más problemas verticales que yo, decidí no subir delante de ellos. Solo sostendría mi cámara en alto. Una mujer agarró el hombro de SG para tener estabilidad cuando subió por primera vez e inmediatamente se disculpó. Él le dijo que siguiera adelante y ella se aferró a su hombro todo el tiempo. El otro me agarraba del hombro cada cierto tiempo. Al final, ambos nos agradecieron efusivamente. Fue, curiosamente, un punto culminante de la noche.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Be the light / Sé la luz”

  1. Now THAT is a light-show! Beautiful!
    I am sure those ladies appreciated you guys being being there. Nice gesture on your part.

    1. Jim:
      And there was so much more. That interpersonal experience made it especially memorable.

  2. Thanks for the video. I felt like I was there! (But without someone holding onto my shoulder.) Do you think those women were trying to pick you up?

  3. Great light show. People are a lot nicer where you are. You thought about the women behind you, did not obstruct their view. Plus, the two of you allowed them to hoist up on your shoulders. So sweet. Over here, ones in front don’t care about obstructing anyone’s view. There would have been words yelled back/forth. And if a shoulder had been touched, a fight would have broken out.

  4. A classy Christmas display. Nice job on being there for the vertically challenged (as one who falls into that category).

    1. Mary:
      I come from a long line of vertically challenged, although most of my generation got the height genes. The display is so elegant this year.

    1. Jon:
      I would have loved some Celia Cruz. I don’t know the popular Spanish holiday songs. I need to learn.

  5. Now this is so pretty and magical!!!!!! How can seeing that not make someone happy? Gorgeous!

  6. Oh, Mitchell, I love this! Thanks so much for all of these beautiful sights. I found it yesterday by chance, when I went to the previous post about the big tree in Fuengirola, and was showing one of my classes, when I saw the new post … they loved it! They, of course, recognized the Jose Feliciano song, which we had just played the day before. I took the opportunity to show them your face, Jerry’s KING photo, and, of course, Moose and Dudo! 2 other classes get treated today!

    1. Oh, Judy, you make me so happy! I’ll be posting more photos of Málaga lights and another music video on Saturday. Don’t miss it. And ¡muchisimas gracias!

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