Digestive stickers / Pegatinas digestivas

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Several weeks ago, Kathleen sent me the above photo. In her hand is a sheet of gummy window decals. One is missing. Three-year-old Beckett swallowed it. They took him to the emergency room where they were told to simply check his stool to ensure he passes it.

That reminded me of The Kid Brother when he was a couple of years older than that. He had gotten into the habit of holding coins up to his pursed lips and sucking in air to hold the coin in place. He was always told to stop. Of course, he didn’t. Finally, he sucked a nickel (a 5-cent piece) right down his throat. My Mother the Dowager Duchess (not one to take us to the doctor for no good reason) simply phoned up instead. The coin didn’t appear ot be stuck in his throat. The doctor told her to check The Kid Brother’s stool in the coming days to make sure he passed the nickel. She thanked him, hung up the phone, told me what the doctor had said, and then blurted, “Who does he think I am? I’m not inspecting his crap!” I don’t know if it ever passed. In 2022 money, that 5 cents is worth nearly 50 cents now. The rest of today’s photos are random.


Hace varias semanas, Kathleen me envió la foto de arriba. En su mano hay una hoja de calcomanías gomosas para ventanas. falta uno Beckett, de tres años, se lo tragó. Lo llevaron a la sala de emergencias donde les dijeron que simplemente revisaran sus heces para asegurarse de que las pasara.

Me recordó a El Hermanito cuando era unos años mayor que eso. Se había acostumbrado a llevarse monedas a los labios fruncidos y aspirar aire para mantener la moneda en su lugar. Siempre le dijeron que se detuviera. Por supuesto, no lo hizo. Finalmente, chupó una moneda de cinco centavos hasta su garganta. Mi madre, la duquesa viuda (que no nos lleva al médico sin una buena razón), simplemente llamó por teléfono. La moneda no parecía estar atorada en su garganta. El médico le dijo que revisara la caca de El Hermanito en los próximos días para asegurarse de que pasara la moneda. Ella le dio las gracias, colgó el teléfono, me contó lo que había dicho el médico y luego espetó: “¿Quién se cree que soy? ¡No estoy inspeccionando su caca!” No sé si alguna vez pasó. En dinero de 2022, esos 5 centavos valen casí 50 centavos ahora. El resto de las fotos de hoy son aleatorias.

• They both have back seats.
• Ambos tienen asientos traseros.
• The moon earlier this month.
• La luna a principios de este mes.
• Why? I still have no idea.
• ¿Por qué? Todavía no tengo idea.

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22 thoughts on “Digestive stickers / Pegatinas digestivas”

  1. A nickle for your thoughts!!
    You would never catch me in one of those ‘smart’? cars. Besides feeling like you are in sardine can your safety is at risk too.
    Just maybe that whole ‘one pant leg roll up’ is some secret sign language to distract us all…….and it works! lol

    1. Jim:
      Yep, a nickel for my thoughts… inflation.

      That car is even smaller than a “Smart.” It’s a Twizy.

  2. Always so enlightening to hear of the Duchess’ mode of parenting. Not. Mustn’t get ones hands dirty, I guess. 🙁

    1. Mary:
      The Duchess was an interesting, exhausting, and not very consistent mix as a mother. SG’s mother would have been in there with a wooden spoon every day, but I have a feeling many mothers would side with The Duchess.

  3. I am sure I swallowed a few coins as a child, no change. I’d prefer the little four wheeler to the bike.

    1. David:
      The 4-wheeler is a Twizy and I love them — although I’ve never sat in one. I never swallowed coins.

  4. TBH, I can imagine that with little kids in the house, buying anything that looks like sweets or food is just asking for one of them ending up inside said little kid.

    I can remember gorging on “Haliborange” (an early attempt to disguise fish oil supplements for kids with orange colouring and flavouring) when I was little, and my mother getting all panicky that I’d be ill. I wasn’t, but I never ate fish oil again. Jx

    1. Jon:
      With kids that age, just about everything ends up in their mouths whether it looks like food or not. I never hard of Haliborange. Your breath must have been potent.

  5. Those window decals look yummy! Cars that I can use as a skate don’t impress me much. I swallowed a penny before. I think it was last week. Who knows.

    1. Deedles:
      I did think of buying two of those cars for SG, since he can never find shoes in his size. The only thing worth doing with pennies is to swallow them.

    1. Bob:
      I wonder how many parents WOULD check the stool. SG’s mother would have without hesitation, but I think she’d be a rare case.

  6. “Who does he think I am? I’m not inspecting his crap!” LMAO!!!!!!!! Sounds like me.

  7. Reminds me of the old parental phrase “Do you think I crap money?” I am finally caught up on your posts and apologize for my limited commenting but I have a lot of reading to catch up on for everyone. Love all your posts and sorry to be so absent.

    1. Sassybear:
      Just happy to see you any time you can say hi. And, yep, I remember that phrase. Although, oddly for my father, he was more polite about it and simply said, “What do you think… I’m made of money?!?”

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