Friends and hand sanitizer / Amigos y desinfectante de manos

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Our belated Thanksgiving dinner with Kathleen and Pedro was a success. Except for the fact that Kathleen, who had a cold over the weekend and was miserable Saturday but much better Sunday, came home from school (she’s a teacher) having lost her voice. Luke coughed a lot, but was otherwise his usual perfection. We brought him his 7th-birthday gift a week late. A model of the human heart ready to be assembled. Beckett, because he’s only 3, gets a gift for Luke’s birthday. I bought him a box of playing cards called “Copy the Monkey.” Not only do you have to imitate the faces the monkey makes, but you have to remember the order.

Luke brought home a stuffed turtle. He has to share photos of the turtle doing different things away from school. A belated, non-traditional Spanish-American Thanksgiving dinner of pulled pork, cole slaw (by San Geraldo), sweet potato and marshmallow casserole, and pecan pie and ice cream is definitely different. San Geraldo hates pecans. He only had ice cream. I had pecan pie, which I love. When Kathleen offered me ice cream, I said “no thanks.” See final photo.

As dinner was being served, Beckett said he didn’t want to eat. Uh oh. Beckett always wants to eat. I just had a text exchange with Kathleen. Beckett threw up during the night but seems fine today. Luke has light bronchitis. Kathleen is now on antibiotics.

After I put down my mobile, I used hand sanitizer. Happy thanksgiving?


Nuestra tardía cena de Acción de Gracias con Kathleen y Pedro fue un éxito. Excepto por el hecho de que Kathleen, que estuvo resfriada durante el fin de semana y se sintió muy mal el sábado pero mucho mejor el domingo, llegó a casa de la escuela (es maestra) sin voz. Luke tosía mucho, pero por lo demás era su perfección habitual. Le trajimos su regalo de cumpleaños número 7 con una semana de retraso. Un modelo del corazón humano listo para ser ensamblado. Beckett, como solo tiene 3 años, recibe un regalo para el cumpleaños de Luke. Le compré una caja de naipes llamada “Copy the Monkey”. No solo tienes que imitar las caras que hace el mono, sino que tienes que recordar el orden.

Luke trajo a casa una tortuga de peluche. Tiene que compartir fotos de la tortuga haciendo diferentes cosas fuera de la escuela. Una tardía cena de Acción de Gracias no tradicional hispanoamericana de cerdo desmenuzado, ensalada de repollo (de San Geraldo), cazuela de camote y nubes, y pastel de nueces pecán, y helado es definitivamente diferente. San Geraldo odia las nueces pecán. Sólo tenía helado. Yo tuve pastel de nuez, que me encanta. Cuando Kathleen me ofreció helado, dije “no, gracias”. Ver foto final.

Mientras se servía la cena, Beckett dijo que no quería comer. UH oh. Beckett siempre quiere comer. Tuve un intercambio de mensajes de texto con Kathleen. Beckett vomitó durante la noche, pero hoy parece estar bien. Luke tiene bronquitis leve. Y Kathleen ahora toma antibióticos.

Después de dejar mi móvil, usé desinfectante para manos. ¿Feliz día de acción de gracias?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Friends and hand sanitizer / Amigos y desinfectante de manos”

    1. Jim:
      I had never even heard of RSV until this year. Can’t believe it’s been around so long. No idea what’s going around their family. I don’t think sanitizing my hands helped much after the mobile chat, but it was funny.

  1. Oh no! The plague! Seriously, kids are like that, as you know. Seems like they’ve always got something.

    Funny side note — I’ve seen Kathleen’s dress on sale on Portobello Road! (Well, not HER dress, but ones like it.)

    1. Steve:
      You and Dave know from experience. Kids and germs! Kathleen will be happy to know you’ve seen the dress on the Portobello Road. Her late mother bought it for her several years ago here In Spain. Very special to her. And she wears it well.

  2. Uh oh. Better buckle up. When viruses leave kids they often become more virulent because young kids haven’t encountered them as much yet and don’t have the immune response to counter them. So the virus can often become stronger. I was sick with something similar over Thanksgiving, but it didn’t compare to how sick I was about 7 years ago when I was in a kindergarten reading program twice a week. I’d gotten my flu shot but, whoa Nellie, I developed acute otitis media in both ears from all the coughing and the sore throat and lost my hearing for two months.

  3. I don’t care how germy they are, that family gets more perfect every year! I think I would love Kathleen. Hope everyone gets better soon.

    1. Deedles:
      I agree with you. Germy or not, they’re a joy. And Luke is unbelievable patient with his 3-year-old brother… who tried to assemble the heart while Luke was finishing dinner.

    1. Jon:
      A hazmat suit is a good idea. School-aged kids (and teachers) are germs with legs. And they are loads of fun.

  4. Who wants to live in a plastic bubble when there is such scrumptious looking pecan pie to be had?! Please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard….

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Oh, I really enjoyed that pecan pie. Can’t remember the last time I had it (obviously SG has never made one for me) and Kathleen’s was excellent.

    1. Frank:
      I love the marshmallows with the sweet potato. And these marshmallows were finished to perfection. So far, nothing nasty. We’re trying not be paranoid.

  5. Maybe SG should try a pecan pie made with walnuts instead. We do that once in a while with great success. Or is it all the sugar he objects to?

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I didn’t mention that if there’s one thing SG hates more than pecans, it’s walnuts. And, no, he has NEVER objected to sugar.

    1. Kirk:
      So much better than ammunition. I’m waiting to hear how they’re all feeling today. SG and I are so far so good,

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