Fit with Burger King & Starbucks / En forma con Burger King y Starbucks

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What a strange and inconsistent day. I had to finally get out of bed because the sciatica pain was awful. I was fine once I was moving. Until last night, sleeping was fine. Not anymore. Still, it’s significantly better than it was a short time ago. I began with a healthy breakfast, a good strutting walk (click here) to the gym. A great workout. Even the stretching went well; I almost touched the floor with my fingertips; I couldn’t even lean forward a few days ago. I stopped short, however, of doing my pretzel stretch. No need to push my luck. The strutting walk home was great, although just a bit slower. I had a tail wind going to the gym and a nose wind coming home. It was a chilly 11˚C / 52˚F this morning. It’s up to 17˚C / 62˚F now at nearly 6:30 p.m.

After I showered, San Geraldo and I went to Plaza Mayor to pick up a new keyboard and mouse for him and a USB hub for me so I can use our old external CD/DVD drive on my new computer. San Geraldo finds the mouse and keyboard that came with the new Mac too small for his oversized hands. We went to MediaMarkt where he found just what he wanted. He’s happy. The new USB hub cost about €50 and still doesn’t work with the old CD / DVD drive. I’ll return it. Meanwhile, I went online and bought a new compatible CD / DVD drive for less than €40.

Our first stop at Plaza Mayor was lunch. After my great walks and great workout, we had lunch at Burger King. “King Chicken” sandwiches. Super-sized fries. Then we went to MediaMarkt. I glanced into the Nike outlet shop and was immediately bored, so we headed to Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks. We both had grande mocha Frappuccinos. SG had a red velvet and I had a lemon muffin. OK, but not worth the heartburn. I don’t even know why we did it.

Tomorrow I’m seeing a friend who’s thinking of moving to Málaga and is spending the month here to check things out. We’re meeting for lunch in the Soho neighborhood. She’s German and has lived before in Southern Spain and also in the United States. I can’t remember where else. She’s interesting, charming, fluent in a number of languages, and has lots of questions about Málaga. I’m looking forward to seeing her and to sharing what I know. She told me to be prepared. One of the things she’s curious about is the “little train between Málaga and Fuengirola.” This is going to be fun.


Qué día tan extraño e inconsistente. Finalmente tuve que levantarme de la cama porque el dolor de la ciática era terrible. Estaba bien una vez que me estaba mudando. Hasta anoche, dormir estaba bien. Ya no. Aún así, es significativamente mejor de lo que era hace poco tiempo. Empecé con un desayuno saludable, una buena caminata pavoneándose (haz clic aquí) hasta el gimnasio. Un gran entrenamiento. Incluso los estiramientos fueron bien; Casi toco el suelo con la punta de los dedos; Ni siquiera podía inclinarme hacia adelante hace unos días. Sin embargo, me detuve antes de hacer mi estiramiento de pretzel. No hay necesidad de tentar mi suerte. La caminata pavoneante a casa fue genial, aunque un poco más lenta. Tenía viento de cola yendo al gimnasio y viento de nariz volviendo a casa. Hacía un frío de 11˚C / 52˚F esta mañana. Es hasta 17˚C / 62˚F ahora a casi las 18:30.

Después de ducharme, San Geraldo y yo fuimos a la Plaza Mayor a comprar un teclado y un mouse nuevos para él y un concentrador USB para mí, de modo que pueda usar nuestra unidad de CD/DVD externa vieja en mi computadora nueva. San Geraldo considera que el mouse y el teclado que vienen con la nueva Mac son demasiado pequeños para sus manos de gran tamaño. Fuimos a MediaMarkt donde encontró justo lo que buscaba. Él está feliz. El nuevo concentrador USB cuesta alrededor de 50 € y todavía no funciona con la antigua unidad de CD/DVD. lo devolveré Mientras tanto, me conecté a Internet y compré una nueva unidad de CD/DVD compatible por menos de 40 €.

Nuestra primera parada en la Plaza Mayor fue el almuerzo. Después de mis grandes caminatas y mi gran entrenamiento, almorzamos en Burger King. Sándwiches de “pollo rey”. Papas fritas de gran tamaño. Luego fuimos a MediaMarkt. Eché un vistazo a la tienda Nike outlet y me aburrí de inmediato, así que nos dirigimos a Starbucks. Sí, Starbucks. Ambos tuvimos grandes Frappuccinos de moca. SG tenía un terciopelo rojo y yo tenía un muffin de limón. Está bien, pero no vale la pena la acidez estomacal. Ni siquiera sé por qué lo hicimos.

Mañana salgo con un amigo que está pensando en mudarse a Málaga y se va a pasar el mes aquí para comprobar cosas. Nos reunimos para almorzar en el barrio del Soho. Es alemana y ha vivido antes en el sur de España y también en Estados Unidos. No puedo recordar dónde más. Es interesante, encantadora, habla varios idiomas con fluidez y tiene muchas preguntas sobre Málaga. Tengo muchas ganas de verla y compartir lo que sé. Me dijo que me preparara. Una de las cosas que le interesan es el “trencito entre Málaga y Fuengirola”. Esto va a ser divertido.

• During my walk on Monday.
• Durante mi caminata del lunes.
• Through the closed living room door this morning. It was too cold and windy to open a terrace window for a clear shot.
• A través de la puerta cerrada de la sala de estar esta mañana. Hacía demasiado frío y viento para abrir una ventana de la terraza para una toma clara.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “Fit with Burger King & Starbucks / En forma con Burger King y Starbucks”

  1. Great early morning sunrise shot!
    Too bad the sciatica is still hanging around. Good that you are doing all the right things to make it go away………one of these days.
    Haven’t been to Burger King in ages/years/decades and Starbucks since before covid. Actually we liked their coffee a lot. Most of the local cafes make much weaker coffee. The strength and flavour was what we liked…….Americano longshots/takes a little longer but worth it if you like your coffee strong.

    1. Jim:
      I think you’d like our Spanish coffees. Because I’m so spoiled for coffee here, I always get an iced Frapucino at Starbucks.

  2. I agree with Jim – that’s a fab panorama!

    We’ve never got off “the little train” at Plaza Mayor – it looks like a naff studio complex from the Golden Age of Hollywood from the station, which is off-putting enough – but as we are only on the Costa for a holiday, I suppose there would never be an occasion when we would need to. I am not really surprised their idea of “haute cuisine” is ubiquitous US fast-food outlets.

    I hope it warms up a bit for our visit – two weeks on Saturday! Jx

    PS Malaga has a “Soho”…?!

    1. Jon:
      Plaza Mayor is actually a beautiful shopping center and the outlet mall is great. There are gardens and sculptures, beautiful green spaces, a huge playground for kids, butterfly houses throughout the gardens. I love it. The Soho neighborhood in Málaga is kind of cool and funky, and continuing to develop. The Soho Theatre is where we saw A Chorus Line and Company (both starring and produced by Antonio Banderas, a major owner in the theatre).

  3. I had Burger King for lunch today, too. An Impossible Whopper! It looks like it might be tough walking on that beach with all the rocks! (an accident waiting to happen, in my case)

    1. Kelly:
      That’s a very small stretch of rocky shoreline below a sea wall. The rest of the beach is sandy. I haven’t had a Whopper in years! I used to have two, large fries, and a chocolate shake.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I love those stacked rocks. I’d enjoy building them myself, but I’d probably crush a hand or foot.

  4. Had a Whopper just last night.

    My brother had sciatica when he was in his 20s. He couldn’t sit for very long and used to read a book standing or walking around. Hope your case gets better soon.

    1. Kirk:
      I used to love Whoppers and would have two. Usually, I would be doing what your brother did. I was fine as long as I was moving. This time around, I was initiually fine lying down. Walking was torture. I wish it would make up its mind.

  5. Lots of Burger Kings there, we avoided them. Starbucks does amazing cold coffee drinks. Enjoy Soho, and show her how easy the little train is.

  6. I also recently bought a DVD player for less than $40. It’s amazing how cheap they are now. Probably thanks to some Chinese factory doing terrible things to the environment.

    You really do have an amazing view!

    1. Steve,
      A always appreciate our view. I can stare for hours. Maybe I should. Good therapy. And, yes, I hate to consider why the tech is so cheap.

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