Naked and Sated / Desnudo y Saciado

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I met Hanni for lunch yesterday at a restaurant in the Soho neighborhood of Málaga. A two-minute walk from the Centro Alameda train station and very pleasant. Hanni, being German, thought it was a perfect day to sit outside for a meal in the sunshine. The high temperature was 14˚C / 57˚F. Even in the sun, she had to admit it was a bit chilly (and asked the waiter to turn on one of the heaters).

Hanni and I met via my blog, really an expat site that shared my blog, 1o years ago, and have been out of touch for a long while. I didn’t take one photo because we talked non-stop. She’s had an especially interesting four years, so she had lots of stories to tell. She’s making arrangements to move to Málaga Province within four months. So there’ll be plenty of opportunities for photos. Meanwhile, when she heads back to Nuremberg next week, she’ll be picking up Clint Eastwood, a 2-year-old mutt she’s adopting from an animal shelter. She had plans to rename the dog, but since her last much-loved dog was named Jesse James by the same animal shelter, she thought it was only appropriate to keep the latest name, too.

After our lunch, Hanni had to get back to work, so I walked over to the Center for Contemporary Art (more to come on the special exhibits) and then had a wander around the city. I bought gloves and passed tourists in shorts (but some of them were shivering).

Today began at 8˚C / 46˚F with a real feel of 5C / 41F. San Geraldo was in layers and wore his insulated hiking boots this morning. I passed a restaurant yesterday I’m going to have to check out. Gluten-free, no added sugar, no refined flour, and a clever name: Naked and Sated.

I was totally beat by the time I got home. Moose (above) and Dudo (below) seemed to empathize (as if). I think after lunch, since I know I’ll be sated (again), I might get naked and have a siesta.


Quedé ayer con Hanni para almorzar en un restaurante del barrio Soho de Málaga. A dos minutos andando de la estación de tren Centro Alameda y muy agradable. Hanni, siendo alemana, pensó que era un día perfecto para sentarse afuera a comer bajo el sol. La temperatura máxima fue de 14˚C / 57˚F. Incluso bajo el sol, tuvo que admitir que hacía un poco de frío (y le pidió al mesero que encendiera uno de los calentadores).

Hanni y yo nos conocimos a través de mi blog, realmente un sitio de expatriados que compartió mi blog, hace 10 años, y no hemos estado en contacto durante mucho tiempo. No tomé una foto porque hablamos sin parar. Ha tenido cuatro años especialmente interesantes, por lo que tenía muchas historias que contar. Está haciendo arreglos para mudarse a la provincia de Málaga dentro de cuatro meses. Así que habrá muchas oportunidades para las fotos. Mientras tanto, cuando regrese a Nuremberg la próxima semana, recogerá a Clint Eastwood, un perro callejero de 2 años que está adoptando en un refugio de animales. Tenía planes de cambiar el nombre del perro, pero dado que su último perro muy querido fue llamado Jesse James por el mismo refugio de animales, pensó que era apropiado mantener el último nombre también.

Después de nuestro almuerzo, Hanni tenía que volver al trabajo, así que caminé hasta el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (más por venir en las exhibiciones especiales) y luego di un paseo por la ciudad. Compré guantes y pasé a turistas en pantalones cortos (pero algunos de ellos estaban temblando).

Hoy comenzó a 8˚C / 46˚F con una sensación real de 5C / 41F. San Geraldo estaba en capas y usó sus botas de montaña con aislamiento esta mañana. Ayer pasé por un restaurante al que tendré que ir. Sin gluten, sin azúcares añadidos, sin harinas refinadas y con un nombre ingenioso: Naked and Sated (Desnudo y Saciado).

Estaba totalmente vencido cuando llegué a casa. Moose (arriba) y Dudo (abajo) parecían empatizar (como si). Creo que después del almuerzo, ya que sé que estaré saciado (otra vez), podría desnudarme y dormir una siesta.

• It says on the door, “Here we eat brutal.” which I think in this case means awesome.
• Lo dice en la puerta, “Aquí se come brutal.” En este caso, ¿brutal significa asombroso, no?
• The Centre for Contemporary Art is at left. It’s in need of a paint job that would make it look less brutal (I think).
• El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo está a la izquierda. Necesita un trabajo de pintura que lo haga parecer menos brutal (creo).
• Outside the museum.
• Fuera del museo.
• I guess this rack in the shop wasn’t intended for me (really, Levi’s straight legs).
• Supongo que este estante en la tienda no fue diseñado para mí (en realidad, las piernas rectas [straight-leg] de Levi).
• At a restaurant in Soho called Guernica. With my sunglasses on, I couldn’t see that I was taking a selfie, as well. Had I known, I would have worn my matching Picasso shirt. Maybe next time.
• En un restaurante del Soho llamado Guernica. Con mis gafas de sol puestas, no podía ver que también me estaba tomando una selfie. De haberlo sabido, me habría puesto mi camisa de Picasso a juego. Quizás la próxima vez.

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29 thoughts on “Naked and Sated / Desnudo y Saciado”

  1. So many fine eating establishments there……..
    We have friends on a cruise ship , as we speak, looking over at Malaga.

  2. That’s a great photo of you in Pablo’s mirror. You look so happy. I like the way naked and sated goes with I wanna be sedated. Maybe they should serve sedatives along with their “brutal.”


    1. janiejunebug:
      I’m about to go to bed and will be singing myself to sleep with I Wanna Be Sedated.

  3. While skimming down Steve’s “blog list”, I couldn’t NOT click on yours with a title like Naked and Sated!! I hope you’ll try it out and report back here.

    What a perfect, if unintentional, selfie! You couldn’t have planned it any better.

      1. Steve:
        I have a lot of visitors who get to me from your wonderful blog. Thanks!

    1. Kelly:
      I’m so grateful. I’ll try to offer more nakedness and satiation if that’s what it takes to get you here. I actually like that picture of myself!

  4. Malaga has a Soho? I’m not sure I knew that! (Unless you’ve written about it before and I forgot, in which case, I apologize. 🙂 )

    That looks like the work of Shepard Fairey on the side of the art museum. At least the “Paz y Libertad” part.

    I love how cats stick their tongues out when they’re asleep.

      1. And I even commented on Shepard Fairey then too! Christ, I’m forgetful. I remember the Roa chameleon, though.

  5. I’m naked and stated currently just as your post is titled!!!!! And that opening picture really made me chuckle.

    1. Bob:
      They can be so neurotic. “Was that the door? Is someone here? Do I have to hide? What was THAT noise? What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Should I leave the room? Where are you going? Can I come?…” And then they can be so peacefully oblivious.

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