Going off half-cocked? / ¿Saliendo medio amartillado (con media polla)?

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

There are currently two special exhibits at Málaga’s Centre for Contemporary Art. The first is on contemporary Valencian sculptor, painter, and poet Miguel Navarro. I must admit, I wasn’t completely enamored but the art has grown on me. I found his “cities” assemblages to be “meh”, but find them more interesting in the angles of my photos.

I’ve mostly focused today on a series of five painting/collage works of warriors in battle. All have erect penises. I wondered if maybe it’s the artist’s comment on the idiots who go to war simply to demonstrate how “manly” they are (like Putin). You can check out the dick-measuring contest below. I’m interested in learning what you think of today’s art.

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Actualmente hay dos exposiciones especiales en el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga. El primero trata sobre el escultor, pintor y poeta valenciano contemporáneo Miguel Navarro. Debo admitir que no estaba completamente enamorado, pero el arte ha crecido. Encontré que sus ensamblajes de “ciudades” son “bla”, pero los encuentro más interesantes en los ángulos de mis fotos.

Hoy me he centrado principalmente en una serie de cinco trabajos de pintura/collage de guerreros en batalla. Todos tienen penes erectos. Me preguntaba si tal vez es el comentario del artista sobre los idiotas que van a la guerra simplemente para demostrar cuán “varoniles” son (como Putin). Puedes ver el concurso de medición de penes a continuación. Me interesa saber qué piensas del arte actual.

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Ahora, hay una venta de invierno. Todavía 55 por ciento de descuento. Me pregunto qué se ofrecerá para la venta del Día de San Valentín. Y la venta de Pascua.

• A Miguel Navarro “city” with a bunch of cocky warriors in background.
• Una “ciudad” de Miguel Navarro con un montón de guerreros engreídos (gallitos) en el fondo.
• Battle with roads, 1998.
• Batallar con caminos, 1998.
• Battle with fly, 1998. This is the one that made me think “half cocked.” Ouch!
• Batalar con mosca, 1998. Este es el que me hizo pensar “medio amartillado” [con media polla]. ¡Ay!
• Battle with beetle, 1998.
• Batallar con escarabajo, 1998.
• Group of warriors, red II, 1998.
• Grupo de guerreros, rojo II, 1998.
• Battle journey, 1998.
• Batallar travesía, 1998.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “Going off half-cocked? / ¿Saliendo medio amartillado (con media polla)?”

  1. Rather bizarre – perhaps to identify them all as male? I would love to hear the artist’s talk about them. The art is rather striking though – I sort of like it.

    1. sillygirl:
      Kind of ignorant of me. Those could all be “attachments” for all I know. There’s something about the paintings I kind of liked, too. I’ll share some others that are very different. The “cities” and other assemblages left me non-plussed.

  2. I don’t think much of the sculpture, but I love the art itself, the bright color. Battle of the Beetle?!?!? More like Battle of the Bulge!!!! I’d be more worried about the size of those erect penis!!! But they can be fun!!! I can’t help but wonder if Navarro had tendencies for big penis and fantasies of orgies/S&M with hung men?

    And I love your segway into mattress talk then. Leave it to you to tie the two together.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The artist is clearly a size queen. I like the paintings, too. Not the sculpture.

      Thanks for pointing out my segue. I hadn’t actually thought about it, but clearly I was “thinking” about it.

  3. The city doesn’t do anything for me, but I like the big dicks. Wow! Did I just share that? I guess I did. I like the bright colors used for the warriors. They’re interesting portraits of dominance and submission.


  4. From my vantage point the ‘city scape’ appears much like any other one.
    The soldiers paintings exude aggression, strength, dominance and masculinity. I believe the penises symbolize weaponry.
    I do like the colours, geometry/angles/lines used.
    In two of them I see a stylized crucifix ……….

    1. Jim:
      I, too, wondered if those corrugated attachments were meant to be stylized crucifixes. His “cities” didn’t impress me.

  5. Interesting. They definitely seem to suggest that soldiers get a thrill from killing. But why do some of them have espresso pots for heads?

    1. Steve:
      That’s exactly what I thought the helmets/heads looked like. I’ll share his sculptures (if you can call them that) and you’ll see those same images.

  6. If it makes the viewer think, is it art? That gallery was being installed the morning we were there.

  7. I like to watch nature shows. Small group of young male antelope of some kind. They are butting heads to practice for the big day someday. I curiously noted how all of them had erections. Was new to me but then again not I guess.

    1. Tom:
      I must have watched the same nature shows. But I had forgotten. There is apparently something to that.

    1. Bob:
      Yeah, the playing with blocks could be fun … but it didn’t do much for me seeing it in a museum.

  8. I’ve heard somewhere that the whole erect penis during battle and such is an adrenaline thing. I wonder if there is a female equivalent. Not wondering hard enough to look it up though. Does anybody ever go off whole cocked? How about a quarter? Boy, I need a life! Don’t get me started on mattresses!
    I don’t care for the art. I’m very plebian art wise. Maybe I me pedestrian. Dull?

    1. Deedles:
      Yes, it is apparently true about the adrenaline/testosterone thing when in battle. Disturbing. I’m not a plebian pedestrian when it comes to art… but I can be critical. Well, at least one of those warriors RETURNED from battle half-cocked.

  9. I’ve always preferred “old stuff” to modern or contemporary art, no matter what the medium. As for the paintings… I’d be worried about exposed body parts waving around with daggers involved. Someone might get circumcised the hard way! Why the beetle in the middle painting? Shouldn’t it be a cockroach instead? 😉

    1. Kelly:
      Didn’t you notice the warrior in the second painting? Protection would have been useful. No clue about the beetle. The fly reminded me of a poem I learned in high school: “I heard a fly buzz when I died.” Oh, I just laughed at the idea that it was written by Emily DICKinson. Maybe that’s what the artist was referencing.

    1. Urspo:
      Did you mean “there” as in Spain or “here” as in the USA. It would unusual for there to be moral outrage here. A Million (or less) Moms would probably march there.

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