French poodles and Christmas cow / Caniches franceses y vaca navideña

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I told you yesterday about ordering our new mattress during the company’s Black Friday sale, which was followed by Cyber Monday, which was then followed by Black Weeks. Black Weeks expired last night at midnight. They’ve had a clock counting down the minutes (from one sale to the next). Today I see that Black Weeks has been extended “as long as supplies last.” The photo above is of a group of locals decked out in what I assume is their Black Weeks finery.

I didn’t end up going to the Port of Málaga to see the drone show Sunday evening. I looked at the photos online and decided I wouldn’t find it all that exciting. I included a portion of it from YouTube so you can get the idea. I will be going back into Málaga, however, to catch more of the lights and spectacles.

Today is Constitution Day, so just about everything is closed. This afternoon, I’m taking a walk through Fuengirola to see the lights (and hear the music) in front of City Hall on the Plaza de España. You can see below what’s been going on elsewhere.

I was headed to the kitchen the other morning when I caught Dudo hiding behind the coat rack. I began to talk to him when his eyes got huge and he peered toward the door. I then saw Moose in the kitchen. Dudo was apparently waiting to pounce. I kept my mouth shut but the jig was up. Moose exited slowly looking around the corner to where Dudo crouched. Dudo walked away in a snit.


Ayer les conté sobre el pedido de nuestro nuevo colchón durante la venta del Black Friday de la compañía, a la que siguió el Cyber Monday, al que siguió Black Weeks. Black Weeks expiró anoche a la medianoche. Han tenido un reloj contando los minutos (de una venta a la siguiente). Hoy veo que Black Weeks se ha extendido “hasta agotar existencias”. La foto de arriba es de un grupo de lugareños ataviados con lo que supongo que es su gala de Black Weeks.

Al final no fui al Puerto de Málaga a ver el espectáculo de drones el domingo por la noche. Miré las fotos en línea y decidí que no lo encontraría tan emocionante. Incluí una parte de YouTube para que puedas hacerte una idea. Sin embargo, volveré a Málaga para ver más luces y espectáculos.

Hoy es el Día de la Constitución, así que casi todo está cerrado. Esta tarde voy a dar un paseo por Fuengirola para ver las luces (y escuchar la música) frente al Ayuntamiento en la Plaza de España. Puede ver a continuación lo que ha estado sucediendo en otros lugares.

Me dirigía a la cocina la otra mañana cuando pillé a Dudo escondido detrás del perchero. Empecé a hablar con él cuando sus ojos se agrandaron y miró hacia la puerta. Luego vi a Moose en la cocina. Dudo aparentemente estaba esperando para saltar. Mantuve la boca cerrada, pero la plantilla estaba lista. Moose salió lentamente mirando a la vuelta de la esquina hacia donde estaba agazapado Dudo. Dudo se alejó enojado.

• “¡Shhhhhhh!”
• Ale-Hop Hoe… Ho Ho.
• Across the street last week, before the overcast skies and rain set in (although the sun is making an appearance right now).
• Al otro lado de la calle la semana pasada, antes de que cayera el cielo nublado y la lluvia (aunque el sol está apareciendo en este momento).
• A pair of French poodles.
• Un par de caniches franceses.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “French poodles and Christmas cow / Caniches franceses y vaca navideña”

    1. David:
      It’s worth it I think if you can easily walk there. It looks like the schedule has changed and it can now be seen tonight (tuesday) as well as tomorrow night at 8. But don’t miss Calle Larios (7, 8:30 and 10) and the Cathedral tower 7, 8:30, and 10) any night. I’ll shut up now. I’m sure you’ve got it all figured out,

  1. Ya gotta love a cow that dresses up for holidays. And Poodle1 and Poodle2: Love it. Good capture.

    The standard poodle reminds me of our neighbors’ Labradoodle–exact same coloring. About the same size. The couple just had their first baby and the Labradoodle has claimed him as his own. Super protective, gentle and just enchanted with the baby. Very sweet to watch.

    1. Mary:
      I love seeing how pet dogs take to new babies and become so protective. Labradoodles are so beautiful (and I’ve never seen one with a bad personality).

  2. Those Ale-Hop stores (and their cows) are all over the place in Spain, aren’t they? Odd, because they don’t seem to sell anything useful.

    Love the Poodle Twins, but you were probably right to miss the drone show. It’s all very clever, but it’s hardly a thrill-a-minute – give me a good firework display any day. Jx

    1. Jon:
      The idea of the drone show, 120 drones creating the images, was more interesting to me than the actual visuals. I have to admit, I enjoy Ale-Hop and do find plenty of useful things. Also great gifts for kids.

    1. Debra:
      Dudo is so expressive and that look he gave me. But he’s forgiven me. And he’s pounced on Moose any number of times since then.

  3. Thought bubble over Dudo’s head: “Drat, foiled again!”…. If I were you, Mitchell, I’d sleep with one eye open and mouth closed for few nights until Dudo forgives you, LOL!

    And it’s nice to see the Ale-Hop cow in festive attire too.

  4. Just like Tundra Bunny said… if I was you I would be very careful.
    Maybe an extra treat smuggled to Dudo might help.

    1. Bob:
      He’s already forgiven me. (Don’t bite the hand that feeds you… and wakes up at 6 a.m. so you can snuggle and get petted in bed).

  5. Oh, my! Thanks for sharing the drone show video. I think I’m more wowed by the sparkle and twinkle of regular light decorations, even.
    Moose and Dudo… crack meup 🙂

    1. Judy C:
      The idea of the drone show is impressive. 120 drones doing that. But the visuals don’t excite me. Next I hope will be the light display projected on a cathedral tower. It’s a shame Moose and Dudo are so timid when anyone comes around. They have so much personality and keep us laughing — and loving.

    1. Kirk:
      That’s my feeling. The idea and the execution are impressive. But I somehow imagined 120 drones filling the sky. It would take 1200.

  6. “A pair of French poodles” — HA! I don’t blame you for skipping the drone show. I do blame you, however, for blowing Dudo’s cover.

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