Roman nose, Russian fingers

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I was told when I was at university that I had a Roman nose and Russian fingers. It was said by a friend who didn’t know me at all (regarding the fingers). Anyway, I think I might have to explain to San Geraldo that it’s a play on the words “Roamin’ nose and rushin’ fingers.”

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s been stormy here. The rain finally let up late morning but it will return. Yesterday afternoon, I thought I’d grab some more shots of the sky and choppy sea. I stopped briefly to look out the living room door to see if I could just shoot from there. But I decided it would be nicer to get out on the terrace and open a window to the storm for a clear shot. I was reminded again that it’s much better to open the glass door from the living room before heading outside. The toe of my shoe and the bridge of my nose hit the glass at the same time. Yeah, I said F*CK! I immediately grabbed a bag of peas from the freezer and held them on my nose for a while. Still, my nose now has a much larger bridge and is quite a bit broader. The bridge is a bit bluish today.

After giving this some thought, I realized I’ve confused two different jokes. 1. He has a Roman nose… Yeah, roamin’ all over his face. 2. He has Roman/roamin’ hands and Russian/rushin’ fingers. The blow to my nose must have knocked the sense out of me.

Today I walked to the gym. The rain held off for my walk there and back, but the raw, damp wind was bitter as you can see in the photos — the first taken directly across the street and the second about half way there. The photo at top is a group I found interesting Monday on the platform at Torremolinos.

I passed two woman on my return from the gym. They were probably in their 70s. I smiled and said in Spanish, “good afternoon.” One smiled back and and said the same. The other blushed. She then turned to her friend and the wind carried her whispered comment, “Oh, how handsome.” I guess she liked my nose.


Cuando estaba en la universidad me dijeron que tenía a “Roman Nose and Russian fingers.” Lo dijo un amigo que no me conocía en absoluto. De todos modos, creo que podría tener que explicarle esto a San Geraldo. Es un juego de palabras en inglés. “Roman nose” [Nariz Romana] suena como “Roamin’ nose” que significa “Nariz vagaunda” y “Russian fingers” [Dedos Rusos] suena como “Rushin’ fingers” que significa “dedos apresurados.”

Como mencioné ayer, ha sido tormentoso aquí. La lluvia finalmente amainó a última hora de la mañana, pero volverá. Ayer por la tarde, pensé en tomar algunas fotos más del cielo y el mar picado. Me detuve brevemente para mirar por la puerta de la sala de estar y ver si podía disparar desde allí. Pero decidí que sería mejor salir a la terraza y abrir una ventana a la tormenta para tener un tiro claro. Volví a recordar que es mucho mejor abrir la puerta de vidrio de la sala de estar antes de salir. La punta de mi zapato y el puente de mi nariz golpearon el vidrio al mismo tiempo. ¡Sí, dije F*CK! Inmediatamente agarré una bolsa de guisantes del congelador y los sostuve en mi nariz por un rato. Aún así, mi nariz ahora tiene un puente mucho más grande y es un poco más ancha. El puente está un poco azulado hoy.

Hoy caminé al gimnasio. La lluvia detuvo mi caminata de ida y vuelta, pero el viento crudo y húmedo era amargo, como se puede ver en las fotos, la primera tomada directamente al otro lado de la calle y la segunda a mitad de camino. La foto de arriba es un grupo que me pareció interesante el lunes en la plataforma de Torremolinos.

Pasé dos mujeres en mi regreso del gimnasio. Probablemente tenían más de 70 años. Sonreí y dije, “buenas tardes”. Una le devolvió la sonrisa y dijo lo mismo. La otra se sonrojó. Luego se volvió hacia su amiga y el viento se llevó su comentario susurrado: “Ay, qué guapo”. Supongo que le gustaba mi nariz.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Roman nose, Russian fingers”

  1. OUCH! How quickly these accidents can happen. It will be healed in no time.
    Really like that top photo of ‘the platform’……a candid moment in time.

    1. Jim:
      Three of that foursome looked like they were going to a sock hop. Nose is much improved today.

  2. Winter will be over in a few more weeks, and the swelling will go down. I can think of a few more words that might have been muttered.

    1. David:
      It was one very big f*uck and then a mad dash to the kitchen for the frozen peas.

    1. TexasTrailerParkTrash:
      I can finally make it as a gigolo. Just find me someone over 100.

  3. You must keep your glass squeaky clean! I’ve walked into a door before, so I know that hurt! Clearly it didn’t mar your good looks any.

    1. Kelly:
      Isabel cleans that glass every week. My nose actually bounced off and hit it a second time. Yesterday, I swiped the smudge off the glass.

      1. finlaygray:
        Thanks for that. Do you suppose I could make a living off the centenarians?

  4. at age 18, I slammed my nose into the bottom of a swimming pool from the 10 meter height of the diving board ~ OUCH! At age 3, I tipped over on my fave rocking chair landing on the door jam, slicing OFF the tip of my nose, I still have the scar ~ Mom not pleased! What is is about noses anyway?! winks!

    1. Ron:
      Now THAT (both thats) would heart. And both are very dangerous. So glad you retained your good looks.

  5. Yep that looks like a Roman nose to me! I dated an Italian once, and his nose look just like yours. Now when I was born, I apparently had very long fingers and my mother’s doctor told her that I was either going to be a Pianist or a surgeon. He was partially right on one account. I ended up playing the organ.

  6. Oh those poor women, thinking the handsome guy was flirting … as he was walking back home to his husband!

    And now I see our other resemblance: hurting ourselves simply doing mundane things. I feel your pain!

    1. Bob:
      I wish I could say it’s the first time I’ve ever done it, but I think I’ve even written about it several years ago.

  7. I’m not sure whether I’m more hurt or more embarrassed when I walk into the sliding glass doors to the deck. Actually, yes, I’m sure. It’s the latter.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Ooh, this time it hurt more than it embarrassed me. As it’s healing, I notice I have a tiny little split on the bridge of my nose. Such a dork!

    1. Judy C:
      The bridge of my nose is more yellow-green today. I wanted to ask the woman on the bench to move.

  8. Ouch! Your poor nose!

    Is “roamin’ nose and rushin’ fingers” from a song? I’ve never heard that phrase. (Maybe that says something about my own nose and/or fingers?)

    1. Steve:
      As far as I know, it’s not from a song. It was jokingly used among people I knew in the ’70s. Clearly, it never made it very far.

      OH DEAR GOD! I just realized that wasn’t the expression at all. It was Roman HANDS and Russian Fingers. The Roman Nose joke was: He’s got a Roman Nose. Yeah, roamin’ all over his face.

  9. Of course she said that you’re handsome–because you are! I’m in no danger of walking into glass in my house because it’s all covered with dog frosting (a.k.a. slobber).


    1. janiejunebug:
      Hah! As for the windows, yes they’re spotless thanks to Isabel. But I was standing right in front of it and when I stopped there. I knew it was closed. How do you spell brain fart?

  10. The storms were indeed horrendous – but still no reason to rush into a glass door to film them! 🤣

    Those eccentrically dressed people at the station were probably attendees at the annual “Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll” festival at Carihuela. There are loads of 1950s throwbacks around every time we’re in the Costa del Sol in February. Jx

    1. Jon:
      I’m sure you’re right about that group. That’s exactly what they looked like. I had no idea.

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