Is a puzzlement / Un desconcierto

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The best answer to 49 Down of this archived New York Time’s crossword puzzle from Saturday, February 1, 2014 was immediately obvious to me. It was also immediately obvious to me that I was wrong, but my brain locked in on my answer and it took a long time to unlock. Do you suppose the creator, Will Nediger, or editor Will Shortz knew what they were doing?

We’re supposed to be at Mesón Salvador right now enjoying our morning coffee and maybe second breakfast while Isabel cleans. But I have been feeling a bit (quite a bit) off. During the day yesterday I developed a headache and body aches, and felt completely rung out. I went out to run (walk) some errands and suddenly felt awful. I felt feverish when I got home. So, we’re home. And Isabel has the day off.


La mejor respuesta a 49 Vertical (“uno/a puede ser tocado/a”) de este crucigrama archivado del periodico New York Times del sábado 1 de febrero de 2014 fue inmediatamente obvia para mí. También fue inmediatamente obvio para mí que estaba equivocado, pero mi cerebro se bloqueó en mi respuesta y tardó mucho en desbloquearse. ¿Supones que el creador, Will Nediger, o el editor Will Shortz sabían lo que estaban haciendo?

Se supone que debemos estar en Mesón Salvador en este momento disfrutando de nuestro café de la mañana y tal vez un segundo desayuno mientras Isabel limpia. Pero me he estado sintiendo un poco (bastante) mal. Durante el día de ayer desarrollé dolor de cabeza y dolores en el cuerpo, y me sentí completamente agotada. Salí a hacer (caminar) unos mandados y de repente me sentí fatal. Sentí fiebre cuando llegué a casa. Entonces, estamos en casa. E Isabel tiene el día libre.

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28 thoughts on “Is a puzzlement / Un desconcierto”

    1. David:
      I love crossword puzzles. I do the NY Times every day. Sometimes I get to the end and have no idea what the theme even is.

  1. Some NYTimes answers make me wonder where these words come from……so obscure, but I guess that is the point,eh?
    Now, get better and drink tons!!

    1. Bob:
      The only reason I got to perp was because I got other answers around it.

    1. Debra:
      About to go back to bed. Fever comes and goes, but each time it returns it’s lower than it was.

    1. Jon:
      Without looking at the number of letters, I had a 5-letter word that started with P. Perp is American cop slang for perpetrator.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I came back from Albuquerque with a cold, so I’m commiserating with you. It seems like it only takes two seconds away from your usual environment to catch some bug or other.

    1. Mary:
      Sorry to hear about your cold. I think I caught whatever I have here in town given that we’ve been home more than a week. Not fun. Maybe a mild flu (but not mild enough).

  3. Of course “perp” makes perfect sense once you know it’s the answer, but that was not at all the direction my mind went.

    I hope you start feeling better soon and that SG doesn’t catch it, too!

  4. The mind reels at the possibilities! I think the NYT crossword people get a laugh out of slipping some double entendres or mildly suggestive language into their otherwise staid puzzles. They know what they’re doing.

  5. “Is a puzzlement” is one of my go-to phrases. I picked it up when I saw Yul Brenner in the King and I on Broadway back in the 70s. Along with The Small House of Uncle Thomas (although that one gets considerably less use).

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I love saying ”Is a puzzlement.” I also love Jose Llana as the king.

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