Ceramic flamencology / Cerámica flamencología

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Last Wednesday, we walked about 15 minutes from our boutique hotel Legado Alcazar, which we highly recommend, to the Plaza de España, a must-see when you visit Sevilla. It was built along María Luisa Park in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. In what architectural style, you ask? It’s called Regionalism Architecture. Simply combine Art Deco, Baroque Revival, Renaissance Revival, and Neo-Mudéjar — all styles of Spanish architecture — and you’re done. We could have spent the day there, but with so much else to see, we didn’t have the time.

You might recognize the plaza from films like Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars: Episode II, Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. It will also be featured in Kaos, the upcoming Netflix series. We were fortunate to be able to relax briefly and enjoy a group of talented flamenco artists. It all made me seriously miss living in Sevilla.


El miércoles pasado caminamos unos 15 minutos desde nuestro boutique hotel Legado Alcazar, que recomendamos encarecidamente, hasta la Plaza de España, visita obligada en tu visita a Sevilla. Fue construido junto al Parque María Luisa en 1928 para la Exposición Iberoamericana de 1929. ¿En qué estilo arquitectónico, preguntas? Se llama Arquitectura del Regionalismo. Simplemente combine Art Deco, Renacimiento barroco, Renacimiento renacentista y Neomudéjar, todos los estilos de la arquitectura española, y listo. Podríamos haber pasado el día allí, pero con tanto que ver, no tuvimos tiempo.

Puede que reconozcas la plaza por películas como Lawrence de Arabia, Star Wars: Episodio II, El Dictador de Sacha Baron Cohen. También aparecerá en Kaos, la próxima serie de Netflix. Tuvimos la suerte de poder relajarnos brevemente y disfrutar de un grupo de talentosos artistas flamencos. Todo eso me hizo extrañar seriamente vivir en Sevilla.

• And yet another nod to 22-Greats Grandpa Ferdinand III.
• Y otro guiño más a los 22-bisabuelos Fernando III.
• San Geraldo’s crown (one of his IKEA dish towels) as he passes below Grandpa.
• La corona de San Geraldo (uno de sus paños de cocina de IKEA) cuando pasa por debajo del abuelo.
• Magoo fell in love with every horse she met, and the feeling appeared to be mutual. (She always asked the carriage driver first, and they always said yes.)
• Magoo se enamoró de todos los caballos que conoció y el sentimiento parecía ser mutuo. (Ella siempre preguntaba primero al conductor del carruaje, y siempre decían que sí).
• Each tiled alcove tells the story of a different province of Spain. Here is Seville. All tile in the plaza was produced in the nearby neighborhood of Triana.
• Cada rincón de azulejos cuenta la historia de una provincia diferente de España. Aquí está Sevilla. Todo el azulejo de la plaza fue producido en el cercano barrio de Triana.

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24 thoughts on “Ceramic flamencology / Cerámica flamencología”

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      This time of year it tends to hover around 70 in Seville. It was a bit warmer our two days there but not by much. The sun, however, was strong. In winter, it’s colder than down here on the coast. In summer, it’s A LOT hotter.

    1. Judy C:
      Magoo would have loved to, but we had too little time. I felt awful about that.

    1. Debra:
      I was stunned by how good that group was. I love flamenco music (and the clapping) but I tend to lose interest quickly in the dancing. Not this time.

  1. YES! I went to the Plaza de Espana when I visited Sevilla way, way back in 1994. And it looked just the same. Magical architecture and all that colorful, spectacular tile! I have pictures somewhere. I wasn’t lucky enough to encounter flamenco dancers, though.

    1. Steve:
      The flamenco dancers on the plaza were a first for me. I used to always see Peruvian pan flute players wearing enormous Native American headdresses.

  2. I really enjoyed this, especially the video. Are you familiar with Jesse Cook? He’s a Canadian guitarist who performs music that is similar to flamenco. (look up the song “Shake”) I love those tiled alcoves!

    1. Kelly:
      I just watched Shake. Had never heard of Jesse Cook and now I’m hooked. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. I thought it was truly a beautiful plaza. The city is most interesting and lots of good restaurants.

  4. Wonderful post today. Funny I knew who the man was in the plaza with the Ikea dish towel was !

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