Noah’s [P]ark[ed] And Moose, Too / Noé Y Moose Estan Estacionado

IT LOOKS LIKE perhaps Noah (aka The Skipper) has been told to stop building his “boat” on the very public Paseo. He’s moved on to building castles in the sand. The boat is parked nearby. Moose is also parked. He’s much better at it.

PARECE QUE TAL vez a Noah (alias The Skipper) le han dicho que deje de construir su “barco” en el muy público Paseo. Se trasladó a la construcción de castillos en la arena. El barco está estacionado in the neighborhoodMoose también está estacionado. Él es mucho mejor en eso.

Another use for his skipper’s cap: collecting donations. / Otro uso para su gorra de capitán: recoger donaciones.

But I Don’t Wanna…

While on a walk along the paseo today, I came to a spot above the beach and noticed a little person, a woman, walking down below. I noticed her because she was a bit over-dressed for a walk on the beach on this summer-like day.

She wore a dark pants suit with vest and a long-sleeved white ruffled blouse. She had an enormous dark bow on her head and she strode purposefully along the beach while looking down at her feet.

We both continued on our paths until I could see more clearly. I thought she had been clutching a shoulder bag against her mid-section. It wasn’t a shoulder bag at all. It was a pistol.

(Click the images to see what I saw.)


“MA!!! SHARK!!!”

The Puffy Shirt…