Ronda: Let Me Take You To Funky Town

I know, I know… I’m still going on and on and on about Ronda. But I promise this will be my last post on the subject (until our next trip to Ronda). This time it’s about our hotel, which San Geraldo found online.

Since it’s so easy to get there from here, we’ve decided this hotel will be our ‘escape’ destination. We could have been content (blissful) to never leave the place (but then we would have missed so much).

The name of the hotel is Enfrente Arte. It’s funky, charming, immaculate, unusual, one-of-a-kind.

Each room is different and art-based. Ours had a Picasso theme and it was brilliant. Judy’s had nude women everywhere (so San Geraldo was pleased it wasn’t ours).

A fresh, huge, delicious, and free breakfast. A free bar 24-hours-a-day, where you can help yourself to beer on-tap, local wine, and soft drinks. Pool, gardens, views, terraces, an aviary, a library, music, art everywhere. Exceptional staff. What a find.

Check it out at:

The first photo is of some of the art in our room, the second two photos are poolside. The rest were taken around the neighbourhood.

(Click any image to bring on the funk.)

Ow, we need the funk…