Easy for You, Deefeecult for Me

Jerry cooked another maravilloso Spanish dinner Monday night.  It was his latest success from the pages of “The New Spanish Table” (page 359), called Canelons D’Espinacs — Cannelloni with Spinach, Raisins, and Pine Nuts.

There were a multitude of steps and a very considerable mess was made to produce this meal.  So, I joined Jerry in the kitchen to wash up and keep things manageable as he worked.


While I washed, I told Jerry how much I’ve been enjoying our meals at home and I that I don’t mind clean-up at all now that we’re not working.  He agreed, saying he finds the cooking very relaxing now.  I told him I couldn’t believe all the work involved in preparing this particular meal.

Jerry commented, “This one is actually very easy.  Just a lot of organizing.”

To which I responded in the voice of Johnny, the Señor Wences character, “Easy for you, deefeecult for me.”

I used to love watching Señor Wences and his ‘friends’ when they made their regular appearances on  “The Ed Sullivan Show.”  It seems especially appropriate now that we’re living in Spain.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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25 thoughts on “Easy for You, Deefeecult for Me”

  1. Okay, you've made a cup of tea now… so the next step is boiling an egg. Slowly you get the hang of it, so you can impress Jerry with a home cooked meal too. ;o)

  2. Peter:
    Oh, I've cooked meals for Jerry over the years. Some weren't as bad as others. But it was never fun for me. I'm much happier cleaning up after someone who really enjoys himself in the kitchen. (But I have been known to make excellent home-made eggrolls… in a wok… So I'm not completely hopeless in the kitchen!)

    Have you seen my two "why I don't cook" posts from early in the year? You might better understand. 1) http://mitchellismoving.blogspot.com/2011/03/shrimp-scampi-broccoli-and-baked.html; and 2) http://mitchellismoving.blogspot.com/2011/03/kraft-macaroni-and-cheese.html

  3. Raulito:
    It looks amazing, but it's about 23 km west of the city in the town of Sanlúcar la Mayor and we don't have a car. So, don't know when we'll get to see that. We'll have to rent a car and take a drive to the ocean. It's on the way.

  4. Walt the Fourth:
    Sounds delicious. And, no, Jerry doesn't make his own pasta. I bought him a machine for Christmas a long, long time ago. But, it was donated some years later. These Spanish cannelloni did have to be hand rolled at least.

  5. Señor Wences! 's alright? 's alright — close de door!

    You call my blogger buddy Walt Streeter Walt the Fourth. Does that mean you have three other Walts, or that Walt has a father, grandfather, and great grandfather named Walt?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
    You guys have to come down to the Loire, you can take a couple of our classes in the kitchen and next thing you know, you'll be wanting to open up a little restaurant.
    Don't eat to much today.

  7. Will:
    I loved Señor Wences. 'Tsaright? 'TsOK.

    Walt is the 4th in his line of Walts. He told in a post some time back the confusion the "IV" in his name can cause in France and said that his standard explanation is to compare his name to that of Henri IV (Henry the Fourth). I just liked the sound of it.

  8. Theaterdog Tim:
    Happy Turkey Day to you, too. We are commemorating our first Thanksgiving in Spain by not commemorating it. You offer cooking classes? Sounds like fun… for someone else. I have absolutely no desire to cook any more than I already do.

  9. Great arrangement you have going there Mitch! Sounds familiar. But it works for us!
    Oh yes, Ed Sullivan….Sundays at 8 P.M. for us. I remember Senor Wences and of course The Supremes!! Now come on, don't act that surprised! lol

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