Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me,

When I’m 64?

I’ve got a number of years to go until San Geraldo has to answer the preceding questions. Maybe not such a very big number. But still, a number. San Geraldo, on the other hand, has arrived.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I still need him. But, no, I will not feed him. Why ruin a good thing? If I had been feeding San Geraldo for the past 32+ years, he might not have made it to 64.

My public birthday message to San Geraldo is brief this year. I try to tell him at least daily how grateful I am for every moment with him. How grateful for every adventure we have taken (and continue to take) together. For being loving, charming, and gregarious. For being exceedingly predictable and exceedingly inconsistent. For being shy sometimes, generous, fascinating, sincere, honest, childlike, comically (mostly comically) grumpy. For being open, empathetic, patient, and entertaining. For being every other thing I could possibly wish for — and any number of things I never thought I would have the patience (or love) to tolerate.

Happy birthday, San Geraldo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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42 thoughts on “Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me,”

  1. this was a great tribute! I will send Gerry his own happy birthday wish on his FB page! I don't think I realized that our birthdays were only a day apart.

  2. Wish him a happy birthday for me. Just get two candles with the numbers…don't go the other route or the Sevilla Fire Department will not be able to handle it.


  3. Beautiful tribute! Makes me cry to know what true love is. I am so happy for both of you. Happy Birthday, San Geraldo! And to think I knew you back when you were Jerry. Same great couple. Love to you both.

  4. What a nice way to acknowledge SG's birthday.
    'Mostly comically grumpy' – that made me smile. I can relate to that.
    Happy birthday very distant cousin San Geraldo!

  5. Yes Gerry, take it from me that it wasn't as bad as I had imagined when I first heard that song and figured out in which year I was going to be 64.
    One day at a time…….
    All the best!

  6. Well, sincere birthday wishes to the obviously totally wonderful San Geraldo! I know how lucky you are because I looked at all the things you said about him and they're all the same things I think and say about my Fritz. Warm hugs to both of you And a Very Happy to San Geraldo!

  7. A VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISH TO SAN GERALDO. What a wonderful display of your feelings for this very special person may it go on to 64 and beyond. Hugs from here. 🙂

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