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The trash strike is over. When we were leaving Catalina after dinner late Thursday night, we saw a garbage truck cleaning up the small mountain of trash across the street. Gonzalo informed us that the strike was over and the crews were now going to work overtime to clean up the mess. A reporter and photographer from the local newspaper, “ABC Sevilla,” were with the work crew at that moment and I thought of introducing myself — being a national television personality (click here). But, “ABC Sevilla” is the conservative newspaper and I’d prefer to not have my professional reputation tarnished by any association. Besides, I really don’t want to be typecast or have my name permanently connected with trash.


So, we walked home and I took a few last shots of the large mountain of trash on our plaza before going to bed. I then spent most of the night awake. There was constant noise on the streets and plaza. I assumed it was from crews cleaning up the trash, but I finally got out of bed Friday morning to find the trash mountains exactly as they had been. Instead, the remaining palm tree on the plaza had been trimmed of dead fronds, and all the orange trees had been harvested. So much for a good night’s sleep.


Last night, they began to attack trash mountain. More than half remains. I have a feeling tonight’s sleep won’t be any less peaceful, but I sure am glad they’re cleaning it up. Even our airy plaza is beginning to smell. So, the strike ends and so too my brilliant career.

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  1. Your tv appearance was seconds long but so effective, watch out that this false sense of power might just throw you over the edge!
    I have known you long enough to be sure your feet on firmly on Spanish ground for the time being.

  2. We're watching TV… is there a huge religious parade in your neighborhood? The street festival here in Triana was in full swing on our way home. By the way, I think I'm still on a chocolate high – totally enjoyed those churros etc. Gracias!

  3. Perfect song to that post. Couldn't they wait with the harvest until all the trash was gone, or did they drop some rotten fruit by the rest of the trash?

    In a few weeks the crop can be bought in jars around the world, Seville orange marmelade!

    1. Peter:
      Someone must monitor the readiness of the fruit for harvest. They harvested late February last year, but this winter has been warmer. Now the flowers are starting to open. Ah, that fragrance.

  4. I'm glad the trash strike is over. On a similar note, I've been to Naples, Italy, three times in the last thirty years and every time I've been there a trash strike was going on and the city was marred by mountains of garbage everywhere. So sad.

  5. There was a story and picture of your trash strike in the Minneapolis Star Tribune yesterday. Apparently, when it becomes international news, they have to end it!

  6. Hi Mitch – I've been away from blog land and have just returned. Congratulations on your BAFTA nominated (wasn't it?) trash talking. Very impressed with your Spanish.
    Best of luck with your beach move. I didn't think that it was possible to find anyone who moved more often than we do, but you guys win hands down!

    1. Craig:
      So glad to see you back! I'm sure to get an Emmy and I'm being heralded (by me) as the new face of trash.

      This move has surprised even us in its swiftness. We're hoping the next move won't be for a very long time.

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