They’re Crackin’ Their Butts


That’s really what the man said. We were at Los Niños Del Flor for breakfast (something new and different) and we commented on how busy the restaurant always is and how diligently — and happily — the staff all work. It’s a big place. The owners and staff hustle. They joke and smile all the time. Service is just about instantaneous. We never have to wait for a thing; not even the freshly squeezed orange juice. And the tables are always full. They put in long days and they always seem happy to see everyone that walks in the door.

San Geraldo said, “They’re crackin’ their butts.”

I laughed.

San Geraldo laughed.

Then he asked (of course), “What’s it supposed to be?”

I explained that I thought he might have combined the expressions, “They’re cracking the whip” with “They’re breaking their butts.” I said that if he had enunciated correctly (i.e., “cracking” as opposed to “crackin'”) he might have gotten away with it.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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21 thoughts on “They’re Crackin’ Their Butts”

  1. I don't know if it's a peculiarly British expression, but we often hear the phrase 'builder's bum', referring usually to when a workman's jeans or trousers slips down (like in your pic) a bit lower than the wearer himself realises. From the look of this guy I think you'd have been right to tell him to pull them up!

  2. Get crackin'! LOL! That's what we say around here when we want things to get moving!
    We call the photo 'plumbers/carpenters crack'.
    Never thought I'd be discussing this so early in the morning! lol

  3. I have refrained (so far) from taking any photos of butt crack… but I cracked up reading your blog… and… having met San Geraldo, I can just hear him saying that!

  4. Hi Mitch:
    And in Spanish when you see somebody working really hard you say: "Se está rompiendo el culo". just thought you should know that one.


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