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Well, we made it. Move day went smoothly (and it’s already almost a week past). Fuengirola welcomed us with fairly miserable, windy, and brutally cold weather (it’s gotten down to 3C/38F overnight once, and at worst it’s been up to 12C/54F during the day; so, OK, everything is relative). Of course we’ve been told again and again that it’s never like this! The owner of one restaurant was at least honest enough to blame us. Admittedly, we did have some glorious blue sky and sunshine here and there after our first night, but that now seems like a distant memory.



Thursday is Andalucía Day; lots of businesses will be closed. We still don’t have internet hooked up at home. We’re expecting that to occur Friday or Saturday. So we checked into a nearby hotel this evening to allow us to relax with our computers and TV while the winds blow outside. We’ll stay two nights. The serene Mediterranean Sea looks like Surf City right now. I stood on the terrace at times this afternoon and took pictures of a couple of wind-surfers. The first spent a lot of time on the beach trying to control his sail (which was work enough). The second guy was amazing and surfed back and forth along the coast for a couple of hours.


We left Sevilla on a dreary rainy day and arrived in Fuengirola to much the same. But our views are spectacular, and the apartment is coming together nicely… and we love it. The cats are settling in — and taking over. But they’re, so far, afraid to go more than a few feet out onto the terrace. A gull flies overhead or an awning flaps and they’re back inside like a flash. Also, it’s kind of cold out there.


We haven’t been eating at home yet, but are looking forward to getting settled enough to want to do so in the next few days. Meanwhile, we’ve discovered several good restaurants — although nothing to compare to Catalina in Sevilla, where we of course had dinner our final night in the city. Lots of photos to come of our final days in Sevilla and our first week in Fuengirola. Our new town has a much larger international community than our old (aka, lots more expats). Americans are rare. But there’s a huge population of expats from Finland. And, apparently, they think this is shorts and sandals weather!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

44 thoughts on “A Different View”

  1. Great to hear from you! Glad the move went smoothly and the cats settled in. Quite the difference in views! That morning sunrise was glorious! What a nice greeting to the day. Continued best wishes to you and San Geraldo as you explore your new home town.

  2. Crumbs, that's a magnificent view! It may seem cold and miserable but you should try living here in Derbyshire darling – 3°C is positively warm because it's above freezing !!
    On second thoughts, there is no way you would want to live here…..when you have such a lovely view. Just imagine what it will be like in spring and summer…..I look forward to reading all about it.
    Glad the move went well and I hope you settle in quickly.

  3. Glad to hear about your move. Hope it is as pleasant as I remember.

    The cats are afraid? And I thought they would be VALIENTES like the masters.


  4. THIS is so exciting Mitch! Sorry the weather isn't cooperating for you. This will all blow over(pun intended) and beautiful sunny days will prevail. The poor kitties have to contend with all the new sounds. They'll come around. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Been wondering how the move was going. It's good to hear you both (plus cats) are settling in and getting used to the new surroundings. Now, that view will never get boring!! Wow!

    1. Stephen:
      We decided if we were moving to the beach, we needed to live on the front line or it wouldn't be the same. We're so glad we did. The apartment is smaller, the terrace is amazing, and the location is incredible.

  6. So glad to hear that you've moved away from the moldy Sevilla apartment and that the move went well! It couldn't have been healthy to breathe that in every day.

    Loving the view from the terrace! We will get there to visit one of these years………..

    Love to Jerry and you – miss you both!


    1. Carole:
      It's a shame the Sevilla experience had to end on such a sour note after living in that at-first wonderful apartment. But it was a really great experience and we met such exceptional people. This new chapter will be completely different.

  7. The sea looks so beautiful and blue. I'm glad that the move is over and you can start settling in. After your last blog about the cocida, I looked up some recipes online and made a pot of it. I'm really enjoying it a lot!

  8. Oh boy! So glad to hear from you with news of the move! I'm really looking forward to more news on how you both, and the cats (!), are enjoying things. Can't wait to see more of the apartment (if you're comfortable showing it).

    Great photos of the windsurfers, too… wow!


  9. A view to die for that's for sure! Hope you get your Internet and TV set up as expected without the drama you experienced in Seville.

    1. Kristi:
      No mold — that we're aware of. Great water pressure. All the hot water we need, but it doesn't come out of the faucet full-boil. Such a strange place. I love the view in stormy weather, too. But it sure was nice to get out for a long walk in the sunshine today.

    1. Kirk:
      I must have taken 20 shots of that sunrise. It was breathtaking and I didn't do it justice. Too bad about the Sevilla apartment; it was a wonderful, unusual space. But, this is already a joy.

  10. Awww! I'm sad you left Sevilla before we were ever able to meet! :/ I am excited, though, to read about and see your new journeys! Take care and good luck getting settled in!!

  11. Beautiful pictures! I've been thinking about you two…I mean, four…and wondering how the move was going. I'm glad to hear that you're nearly there. 🙂

  12. Even bad weather can give you good pictures. And those Fins in their shorts… to them its high season, at home it's minus 20 degrees Centigrade!

    1. Peter:
      It's hilarious to see the Finns and Brits (some, not all, of the Finns and Brits) walking down the street in sandals, shorts, and the like, while I've got a T-shirt, two sweatshirts, a quilted jacket, and a scarf.

  13. Everything is sounding good so far. Finns in shorts and sandals now can you match that? Glad the cats are settling slowly the best way. Regardless of the weather the photos make it look good. Kite surfers always make good entertainment.

    1. Cuby:
      The wind surfers are stunning. And I found where they can be rented. I'll have to get San Geraldo on one. (I'd do it myself, of course, but he's not very good with the camera.)

      I'm dying to take some pictures of some of the expat/tourist looks, but I don't want to offend anyone. Also, they might do the same of me!

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