More Than Fairly Fashionable In Fuengirola

Today is a holiday here in Fuengirola, El Día de la Virgen Del Rosario, (the Virgin of the Rosary, patron saint of Fuengirola). There was a procession. (Well, of course there was a procession.) And I managed to get up the energy to walk over, take lots of pictures, and then come home for lunch and a nap. I took so many pictures, in fact, that I’m going to split them over two (or maybe even three) days.

I haven’t even made it to Feria (the Fair) yet. That opened last night and runs for seven days. Today’s procession left from Plaza de la Constitución, home to the church, Nuestra Señora La Virgen Del Rosario. I arrived just in time to see the procession begin on the avenue behind the church. The horses and carriages that followed the procession were stunning. The flamenco music on the plaza was joyous. Today, I’ll share the fashion. Still to come: The horses, the kids, and the church. And, maybe Wednesday, the fair.

You may notice there are few photos here of men. The procession was predominantly women. Besides, the men who participated mostly wore business suits. [Yawn.] The horses and carriages were a different story. One rider could have posed for the cover of a steamy romance novel. I might even share him with you tomorrow. Maybe.

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19 thoughts on “More Than Fairly Fashionable In Fuengirola”

    1. John:
      It's beautiful to see. Some of the women are just breathtaking (regal, elegant) in their costumers. But, yes, there are always some that look like drag queens (or how drag queens would like to look).

  1. Brought back wonderful memories of Sevilla… (but I did have to quickly look back at the photos and see what John G. was seeing…. come'on John… look at the gorgeous dresses and mantillas… )

    1. Sharon:
      After Sevilla, I thought I would find this disappointing today. It sure wasn't (as you can see). It was great to see a procession of primarily women. Also, no dresses and side-saddles on horseback today. I loved it. The woman are just amazing. The grace, the elegance, the color…

      And just so you know, any self-respecting drag queen would make sure to wear a gorgeous dress and mantilla to one of these.

  2. Gosh they all look lovely. What a treat to live somewhere where they still have traditions that haven't been eroded/ what a treat to see these pictures. thank you

    1. Sol:
      This being such a contemporary touristy city, I wasn't expecting such respect (and enjoyment) for the traditions. Sevilla is exceptional for experiencing this, but Fuengirola did not let me down.

  3. WOW! Loved the traditional fashions here…..especially the yellow and black (polka dot) piece!! And that last one…orange and blue! That looked like a lot of fun Mitch to shoot and it looked like a couple of ladies posed a little for you.
    Looking forward to next installment of this series.
    Good to see you are getting back to yourself somewhat.

    1. Stephen:
      In Sevilla, we'd head out in the morning and a neighbor would ask, "Where are you going?" We'd tell them, "To the store." And they'd say, "It's a holiday. There's nothing open." Sevilla really closed up those days. Here, a lot more stays open.

  4. What is it with these men? They look so absurd in the suits wearing such as sour puss; in contrast to the colourful flamboyant ladies!

  5. THe men are TOTALLY BOOOOORING!! BUt the women, very flashy!! Please post steamy romance novel man. 🙂

    The only processions we have around here are parades with horses and tractors and the odd septic-tank pumping truck!

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