The Horse Whistler, An Andalusian Romance

Today is all about the carriages, horses, drivers, and riders at Fuengirola’s procession for the Virgin of the Rosary. I mentioned yesterday (click here) that one of the “horseman” was quite the hunk. Riding alongside him was a woman that wasn’t bad herself. What immediately came to my mind as the couple passed was the image of the two of them — well, OK, just him — posed steamily on the cover of a trashy romance novel.


My cover model whistled much of the time. The sound couldn’t be heard above the sound of the marching bands, voices, and nearby flamenco music, but I think he was simply doing it to calm his horse. And it seemed to work. A number of other horses were a little unsettled at times, but not his. I also noticed that The Horse Whistler had a very “good seat.” And I mean that, of course, only in the most appropriate equestrian sense.

Someone Should Be Whistling

The Horse Whistler

So, now, after I offer you a brief glimpse below of the hunk (he’s the guy in the pink jacket) who’ll appear on the cover of my first (at least) romance novel, promise me you’ll come back tomorrow to meet the Virgin… (of the Rosary) and others. After all, what romance novel would be complete without a virgin? Click any of the below images to fill the screen with romance.
P.S.: I’m feeling so much better today. I expect to be completely recovered by the weekend (if not sooner). And now I think I’d better knock (knock knock) on wood.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “The Horse Whistler, An Andalusian Romance”

  1. Oh, my! First the gorgeous horses, then the hunk, but the last picture was the best, with the wonderful horsewoman in front. Thanks for the images in my mind.

    Hope each day gets better for you. I have been sending you thoughts of healing and love. Take care.

  2. Do you think the Spanish whistle more than folks in the USA? My mom whistled all the time she was doing housework… she even had a "special" whistle to call us kids (or get our attention). I never hear that here any more. But when we were in the Madrid airport we heard a man who whistled to keep track of his youngster… and when we'd walk around in Sevilla, we'd hear folks whistling… I think just for the pleasure… now, your hunk is whistling to his horse…. Just wondering?

    1. Sharon:
      Incessant whistling really gets on my nerves, And, although I haven't done the definitive study on the number of Spaniards who whistle as compared to the number of Americans who whistle, I'd have to guess that there's likely no difference. American whistlers used to annoy me just as regularly as Spanish whistlers do. Now if they all looked like the guy on the horse… Nah, not even then!

  3. The last time I was in Madrid there were so many guys walking around with sultry, dark Tyrone Powers good looks that Mrs. Chatterbox nearly came down with a case of the vapors.

    1. Stephen:
      Oh, there are still plenty of those guys around. And "the vapors," too. (I had a very proper Southern friend who once insisted to me that that phrase refered to "gas." I could never find any proof of her assertion.)

  4. Yes, you better knock knock knock on wood!
    I must say Mitchell that you do have an eye for 'good seats'!!
    Good to hear you are feeling much better. Now take it easy.

    1. Kristi:
      I think I should have knocked on some solid wood yesterday instead of this press-board. Still, better than last week! More to come today from the procession and then I hope to get to the fair!

    1. Judeet:
      I also loved those matching pony tails. I could do that if I wanted. All I have to do is wear a hat and attach a pony tail. We don't have half the festivals in Fuengirola that we're did in Sevilla, but it's still wonderful. Today, come hell or swollen glands, I'm going to the fair!

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