A Movement of Biblical Proportions

I took a long, vigorous walk today. It felt great… until it was done. I’m pleased I was able to at least push myself out the door.

I’ve finished the box of dark chocolate truffles (click here for yesterday’s post). I’ve got 9 of the 16 Ferrero Rocher truffles remaining, and both chocolate bars. I think I’ve shown amazing self-restraint. However, I consumed almost the entire box of dark chocolate truffles within about five minutes after lunch today. In hindsight, maybe not such a good idea. (I’m feeling just a bit queasy right now, but it’s gratifying to know my stomach has learned to speak to me in Spanish.)

On my way home, after viewing a special exhibit on Isabel and Ferdinand at the Museum of Fuengirola History, I stopped to admire a display in a shop selling an amazing collection of Christmas Nativity scenes. I always especially love the mechanical figures.



As I mentioned, I really love the things that move. But, today, I saw a movement in the window that left me speechless.

Watch the second video to see what could be left under your tree.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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