The Ladies’ Room And The Handlebar Moustache

I’ve been out of commission for several days. San Geraldo and I have very old laptop computers. We’ve each used ours for years as desktop computers by plugging in a large monitor, and external mouse and keyboard. But they’re old and tired and, even if they weren’t tired, they can’t keep up with the memory hogging applications and peripherals we now use. They freeze and jiggle and lock-up. The fan on mine runs constantly and the laptop will still overheat if I don’t turn on an external fan stand.

So, The Dowager Duchess bought us new desktop computers!!! She’s amazing, I know. We are so lucky to have her and her generosity is the least of the reasons.

We are now the proud owners of brand-new, super-duper, iMacs… with all the bells and whistles. Thank you, again, Dowager Duchess.

We have spent the last several days “migrating” what we can from our MacBooks to our new iMacs. It’s never as easy as it’s cracked up to be. San Geraldo’s migration went a little more smoothly than did mine. The people on Apple Support have been great. I spent about six hours chatting with them!

But I’ve at least got a wonderful, powerful, sleek and beautiful new computer. Oh how I love the bells and whistles. Now I just have to get up to speed on some new software, and figure out where everything is on my Spanish keyboard.

Last night we had dinner with Tynan and Elena — a belated birthday dinner for The Goddess. We went to El Rio, which has become another one of our regular haunts. I glanced across the long space and noticed the signs on the restroom doors.

“Oh my, God,” I said. “I used the women’s room last time I was here.”

“What?!?” Elena laughed. “You did not!”

“Yeah, I used the one on the left. The one on the right has a picture of a guy with a handlebar mustache. Obviously, the men’s room.”

“Handlebar mustache? What are you talking about? That’s a girl with pigtails!”

We went for a closer look. I won’t tell you who was right. But when I pulled out my camera, our waiter Francisco, laughed and told me, “That happens all the time.”


The video is a stretch but, well, it’s “bathroom session.”

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