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I’ve been out of touch for a while. My Mother The Dowager Duchess needed some company.


The first thing I’ll tell you is that the Dowager Duchess is doing well. Unfortunately, I’m reporting on her condition because she had a mild stroke on Monday. However, when she noticed that her “… right side just didn’t feel quite right,” in typical Dowager Duchess style, she called car service and went on her own to her doctor’s office. He immediately had her taken to the hospital where she stayed until Thursday. She’s now in a rehab facility (that resembles a hotel) and she shows no obvious effects of the stroke. The goal now is to simply find the right medication to avoid this in future. And, OK, maybe going on her own to the doctor wasn’t the best idea, but it worked out fine.


So, here I am in Brooklyn since Wednesday. The great news is that Thursday was The Kid Brother’s birthday and he and I were able to celebrate with lunch. It also gave him the opportunity to comment on the mess I’ve made of the Dowager Duchess’s apartment. He called me Oscar (for Oscar Madison from “The Odd Couple.”)

The Dowager Duchess laughed when I told her what song I was going to include with this post. Another mother might not appreciate my humor.
(Different strokes for different folks.)

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