Fluent, Fluency, Affluent, Influenza?

My first month in New York, I practiced my Spanish daily with Duolingo. But times became too stressful to even do that. I managed to converse in Spanish at times with hospital staff, but that wasn’t enough to improve my skills (although it did impress My Mother The Dowager Duchess).

But, I’m back in Spain and back to working on my Spanish proficiency. Interestingly, the break seems to have done me some good. I’m quickly back up to speed and I’m more readily absorbing new words and verb forms.

Speaking of proficiency, last night San Geraldo said something in English that wasn’t quite correct. (A regular occurrence.)

He then said something in Spanish that wasn’t quite correct. (Another regular occurrence.)

Then he said a Spanish word and asked if it was Spanish or Russian (his undergrad degree was in Russian Studies). In can sometimes confuse him. For example: In Spanish, “ya” is “already” and “yo” is “I”; in Russian, “ya” is “I.” So, yeah… yah… yes, I understand the problem.

Anyway, I could answer for the Spanish, but I had no idea about the Russian.


San Geraldo commented that he obviously needs to work on his “fluenticity.”

Yes, he does.

At least as soon as the word left his lips, he smiled and said, “Ooh, that’s not a word, is it.”

I smiled and responded, “Maybe in Russian?”

This song seemed appropriate.  Language, it’s a virus…

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