Holy Moses! / ¡Santo Moisés!

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SUNDAY WE MET good friends Nick, Alyson, their teen-aged son Edward, and Nick’s mother, Penny, for dinner on what started out as a pleasant evening (weather-wise). But it started to pour while we were inside and continued to drizzle for our walk home. As you’ll see from the photos, San Geraldo has never grown up. Nor is he a very mature influence for “young-by-comparison” Nick. Although they both got wet, Nick noticed that he got much more wet than San Geraldo, for whom the waters seemed to part. The man is a saint after all.

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Edward found the “children” very entertaining. / Edward encontró a los “niños” muy entretenidos.

EL DOMINGO, NOS reunimos con los buenos amigos Nick, Alyson, su hijo Edward, de edad adolescente, y la madre de Nick, Penny, para cenar en lo que comenzó como una noche agradable (en cuanto al clima). Pero comenzó a derramarse mientras estábamos dentro y continuamos lloviznando para nuestro camino a casa.

Como verás en las fotos, San Geraldo nunca ha crecido. Tampoco es una influencia muy madura para Nick “joven en comparación”. Aunque ambos se mojaron, Nick notó que se mojó mucho más que San Geraldo, de quien parecían separarse las aguas. Bueno, el hombre es un santo después de todo.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Holy Moses! / ¡Santo Moisés!”

  1. Party ANIMALS!….they are!!
    Too much fun!
    Mitch, I SO enjoy your posts! You are very good at this, sir!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how the joy of rain can put a smile on everyone’s faces. I know for a fact we would have joined in pronto and soaked everyone. SJ is such a good sport not to mention the whole bunch of you! Have a great day!!

    1. Ron:
      I am SURE you two would have been in on this. I don’t automatically jump in but then I have to take the pictures!

    1. Wilma:
      Believe it or not, I DO tend to be the adult quite often. In this case, however, I was tempted to join in but I had to take the pictures.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      We were just talking about Stomp and how we had seen a performance in Long Beach. Too bad we had no one adding more percussion to this “performance.”

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